During CDN Dentergem, Jorinde Verwimp and her black pearl Arie Sollenberg took the win in the Intermediare I. But this was not the only podium place she managed to win: she finished second with Eton in the Intermediaire I!

With a score of 70.5%, Jorinde rode her Arie self-assuredly to first place. Jorinde: “I first competed with Arie in Dentergem at the Intermediaire I. It was a long time ago that I had brought him out, but it went pretty well. An error in the canter zigzag has reduced our score, but with 70.5 % and a first place we are very happy! ”

Eton also appeared on the scene in Dentergem. With 68.6%, he finished second under Jorinde in the Intermediate I. Jorinde about their performances last weekend: “At first we participated in the Prix St. Georges. We started pretty well, but he startled in the walk. So we lost quite some points, resulting in a score of 66.8% and a fourth place. But in the Intermediaire our test went much better, it was only the second time I performed this test with him, but he went through it almost faultlessly. I was very satisfied with a score of 68.8%! ”

Wim Verwimp student Alexa Fairchild also came into action. She achieved a nice score of 70.8% with her topper Romy, resulting in first place.