Belgisch dressuurkampioenschap

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Azelhof haalt het Belgisch kampioenschap dressuur binnen

by Equine MERC

De voornaamste taak van de nationale dressuurcommissie is het waken van een positieve ontwikkeling van onze dressuursport in België. In dit kader is de opstelling van de wedstrijdkalender en de bijhorende toebedeling van de Kampioenschappen een belangrijk aspect. Lees hier de rest van het bericht.

Overview Belgian Championships & Flanders Dressage Event

by Equine MERC

It was a week full of ups and downs for Dressuurstal Verwimp riders during the Belgian Championships Dressage at Flanders Dressage Event. Some of the highlights are the second place of Fanny Verliefden and Indoctro during the Grand Prix Special, the overall victory of Jorinde Verwimp and Cardento in the FDE Bronze Cup, her third […]

FDE Diamond Cup: Jorinde and Cape Town three times third

by Equine MERC

A consistent battle took place in the FDE Diamond Cup. The top three almost remained unchanged during all three parts. During the first two parts Isabel Cool was the victor with Cheatodon, Geert Jan Raateland became second with Don Bravour and Jorinde Verwimp became third with Cape Town. Only the Freestyle had a different outcome; […]

BK Seniors: 2nd place Fanny Verliefden in GP Special

by Equine MERC
Fanny Verliefden

Last week, Fanny Verliefden and Jorinde Verwimp participated in the Belgian Championships in Meerdonk. Both riders participated in the Grand Prix. Grand Prix seniors Fanny finished in fifth place with Indoctro van de Steenblok during the first part of the seniors. They received a score of 67.261%. Jorinde and Tiamo finished ninth. Grand Prix Special […]

FDE Bronze Cup: Jorinde won first leg & exciting battle

by Equine MERC

Of the no less than 31 participants in the FDE Bronze Cup, Jorinde Verwimp was the victor of the first leg with her Painted Black offspring Cardento. Yesterday, during the second leg, the outcome was completely different. Who will win the final? Wednesday With a score of 72.292%, Jorinde rode her black pearl to first place. […]

CDN Heist-op-den-Berg: victory Jorinde and Cardento

by Equine MERC

Jorinde and Cardento, whom she now has under the saddle for two years, have claimed victory in level 4 at CDN Heist-op-den-Berg. The Painted Black offspring is from 2007 and with this victory with a score of 72.3%, Cardento has proven to have a lot of talent for dressage. Also, Tom Franckx entered the arena […]

Belgian Champion Jorinde: we pushed our limits!

by Equine MERC

Jorinde and Kastar are unstoppable! After their victory in the Silver Cup during the Belgian Championships, they once again managed to get hold on the golden medal, this time at the Belgian Championship for young horses in Gesves. With the seven-year-olds, the combination turned their last performance with the young horses into a great success. In […]

Gesves: Jorinde & Kastar contenders for gold

by Equine MERC

This week, the Belgian Championship for young horses will take place in Gesves. Jorinde Verwimp will appear in the arena with her top horse Kastar during this great event. During the Belgian Championships they won the Belgian title in the Silver Cup, so we are very confident! Other important news: after this championship, the combination […]

Jorinde & Kastar win gold in the FDE Silver Cup

by Equine MERC

Besides becoming the Belgian Dressage Champion, Jorinde Verwimp also managed to win the Silver Cup with Kastar Hof ter Zeedycke D’12. Jorinde: “I’m very proud of Taki, he put down good performances three days in a row!” Gold in the Silver Cup for Jorinde & Kastar With a second place in the FDE Silver Cup […]

Jorinde Belgian Dressage Champion 2017

by Equine MERC

After Jeroen Devroe was the Belgian victor for ten times, it was now Jorinde who won the desired medal! Jorinde Verwimp can now call herself the Belgian Champion! Her 17-year-old Tiamo has proven that he still got it. Fanny Verliefden and her dazzling black stud Indoctro were rewarded with a nice fourth place. In addition, […]


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