CHIO Rotterdam

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CHIO Rotterdam: bronze for both Jorinde and Fanny

by Equine MERC

What a great weekend for the riders of Verwimp! Fanny Verliefden and Jorinde Verwimp both came into action during the phenomenal CHIO Rotterdam. Despite the heat at the start of the competition, both combinations put down amazing achievements. Jorinde’s test in the Grand Prix during the CDIO5* Nations Cup with the Olympic Tiamo resulted in […]

CHIO Rotterdam: Jorinde in top 10 in 5* Nations Cup

by Equine MERC

It is hot in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t seem to affect the combinations that come into action duringCHIO Rotterdam! Dressuurstal Verwimp rider Jorinde came into action with the talented Tiamo. She competed with Jeroen Hannes and Laurence Roos for Belgium during the 5* Nations Cup in which she put down a very good test. For their […]

Next week: Fanny and Jorinde will compete during CHIO Rotterdam

by Equine MERC

CHIO Rotterdam. Who does not know this great event? In the big harbour city, the best combinations in the world will put their best foot forward. On the well-equipped starting lists Dressuurstal Verwimp riders Fanny Verliefden and Jorinde Verwimp obviously can not be missed! 5 * Nations Cup The Olympic combination Jorinde and Tiamo will […]


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