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CDN Diepenbeek results

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Great results for Verwimp team at the CDN in Diepenbeek today.  Jorinde claimed victory in two tests.  The first one with Utopie in the Young Riders, the second one with Neversfelde Feuer in the Grand Prix with 67.23%.  In the same test Anouck Hoet finished 3rd with 66.06%

Results Competition Massenhoven 02/12/2012

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Almost everybody at Dressuurstal Verwimp took part in this wintercompetion and brought home great placings and results!! In the Prix Saint Georges 2nd Jorinde Verwimp and World’s Greatest: 68,15% 5th Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen and Vento: 67,56% 8th Fanny Verliefden and Annarico: 67,10% In the Inter I 3rd Fanny Verliefden and Annarico: 70,46% 6th Jorinde Verwimp and […]

Results CDN Kuringen

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Quite some wins and great placings at CDN Kuringen last weekend! M10 -> a win for Virginie Deltour and Elias: 68% PSG -> a win for Fanny Verliefden and Annarico: 68,61% 4th place for Jorinde Verwimp and World’s Greatest: 66.51% 6th place for Virginie Deltour and Elias: 66.05% 7th place for Wim Verwimp and Wall […]

CDN Diepenbeek

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Jorinde wins her 2nd Grand Prix ever with Neversfelde Feuer with 64.57%! Wim finishes 2nd twice with Wall Street in the Inter I and PSG with 66.65% and 68,75% Jorinde also finishes 2nd twice with Aladin in the Junior Division and M10 with 65,72% and 66.42%


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