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First Outdoor competition at CDI Zeeland

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

In the first international outdoor competition of the seaon two of our riders, Fanny Verliefden en Jorinde Verwimp, participated in different categories. Fanny and Annarico became 3rd in the GP with 70,64%.  They finished fourth in the GP Freestyle with 72,15% Jorinde participated with Tiamo in the U25 division where she finished 2nd with 69,84%. […]

Wim and Jorinde off to CDI*** Kapellen

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Both Wim and Jorinde left this morning en route to the CDI Kapellen. Wim is saddling Pari Lani in the Grand Prix Jorinde is taking Tiamo and Wendor along for the Young Riders All info regarding the compitition to be found at Live stream on

We are on our way to Saumur!

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Early this morning Wim and Jorinde left to take part in the CDI in Saumur: Wim will saddle Pari Lani for the Grand Prix Jorinde is saddling Tiamo and Wall Street for the Young Riders Follow this link for all info:

Jorinde on her way to the Gold medal at BC!

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Jorinde is on her way to secure a gold medal on this year’s championships by winning the second test with Tiamo with 73,7%!! Yesterday’s results: Wim with Pari Lani in the Grand Prix: a 8th place with 64,48% Jorinde with Utopie: a 6th place with 68,47%

Countdown to the Belgian Championships has started!

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Wim en Jorinde Verwimp took off today heading for the Belgian Championships in Hulsterlo.  Wim is starting Pari Lani in the Senior division, Jorinde is saddling  Tiamo for the Young Riders and Utopie in the PSG. Jorinde is the first one to kick off in the Young Riders tomorrow at 13.27 h. Wim is scheduled […]

Wim and Fanny off to CHIO Rotterdam!!!

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Wim Verwimp and Fanny Verliefden took off yesterday to participate in the CHIO in Rotterdam.  Wim will be defending our colors with Pari Lani as part of the Belgian team in the CHIO’s Grand Prix.  Fanny is saddling Annarico to participate in the PSG. Startlists and results on: Live feed on

Great results for Team Verwimp in Compiègne!!

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Jorinde Verwimp wins all three tests with Tiamo in the Young Riders Division! Wim Verwimp has a poor start the first day but sets all records straight the second day by winning the Grand Prix with Pari Lani! Fanny Verliefden takes the 4th spot with Annarico in the PSG and does even better in the Inter 1 […]

Dressuurstal Verwimp takes it almost all in Saumur!!!

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

A hattrick for Jorinde Verwimp in the Young Riders division with Tiamo whereas Fanny Verliefden took 2 out of 3 victories and one 2nd place with Annarico in the small tour. Wim Verwimp took 8th place with Pari Lani in the Grand Prix and a 10th place in the Freestyle.  Anouck Hoet who started out […]

Results CDN Moorsele

by Dressuurstal Verwimp

Last weekend quite a lot of riders from Stal Verwimp participated at the CDN in Moorsele.  In the Grand Prix Anouck Hoet came in 2nd with 65,21% with Wild Diamond, Wim Verwimp followed her on the 4th spot with Pari Lani earning 63,78%.  In the Inter 1 daughter Jorinde Verwimp participated with Utopie and obtained […]


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