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CDI Compiègne: Third place Jorinde & Tiamo in Grand Prix Special

by Equine MERC
CDI Compiegne

Not everyone had a lazy Pentecost weekend: the riders from Dressuurstal Verwimp were present in Compiègne to compete for the titles. Last Wednesday the combinations had already travelled to the competition location, which took off on Friday. They brought home a number of well-deserved podium places. Jorinde Verwimp and Tiamo finished third in the Grand […]

CDI4 * Lier has started!

by Equine MERC

From February 28th to March 4th, the Azelhof in Lier is dominated by dressage. In addition to many international combinations, Belgium is of course well represented. Verwimp riders Fanny Verliefden, Jorinde Verwimp, Danique van Zwol and Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen will put their best foot forward during this exciting Belgian dressage event! Below is an overview of […]

Flanders Horse Expo: Fanny & Elroy victors in Inter I

by Equine MERC

Last weekend the largest horse show in Belgium was organized in Ghent: Flanders Horse Expo. Of course, the Belgian riders of Dressuurstal Verwimp were present to battle for gold. Fanny Verliefden, Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen and Danique van Zwol appeared in the arena of the Intermediaire I during Flanders Horse Expo. The Intermediare I was held on […]

Veronique selected for Lier & junior debut Katelijne

by Equine MERC
Katelijne en Ibou tijdens hun juniorendebuut.

Last weekend, the Verwimp students Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen and Katelijne Maes achieved good results in the dressage arena in Torhout. Selection in the pocket! Veronique made her competition come back with Wendor. The combination became third in the Intermediare I with 67.1%. With this result they got selected for CDI Lier! Junior debut Katelijne Maes made […]


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