CDN Sint-Truiden was a great success for the Verwimp team. Jorinde Verwimp rode her second international score in the Inter I with Dispar Voulgo. With her future top horse Charmer (by Charmeur) she rode on level 4.1 and 4.3 where she rode almost the same scores, 0.1% after almost two. Also present at CDN Sint-Truiden were Wim Verwimp his pupils Tom Franckx and Dieter’s Vos, who achieved very strong scores. Hannah Butie competed at level 4.3 and won both tests with a personal record. Emma Driesen, a student of Jorinde Verwimp, participated in during the Junior tests where she also achieved good scores with several 8s on her protocol.

Freestyle debut
On the Saturday, Jorinde rode with Charmer at 4.1 and 4.3 level. She achieved a score of 68.7% in the first test. During the level 4.3 test, Jorinde rode an almost equal score of 68.8%. Jorinde is still a fairly new combination with Charmer and is therefore already very satisfied with how he develops and behaves at competitions. Jorinde also participated in the Inter I with Dispar Voulgo (by Negro). Thanks to a strong test she achieved her second international score with 67.7%. But extra special was that it was Dispar his first freestyle during the second test. Although it was the first time, he immediately reached a fantastic score of 70.9% and with that the third place.

Victories during the Inter I
Jorinde was not the only one to represent the Verwimp team during CDN Sint-Truiden. Several students from both Jorinde and Wim also competed during this event. For example, pupils of Wim, Diete Vos and Tom Franckx rode in the Inter I. Diete Vos achieved a score of 69.388% in her first test and finished third out of 31 starts. With her kür she left all the other competitors behind and finished in first place with 73.375% and several 8s for her pirouettes. With these super nice scores, Diete also won the overall cup of Haspengouw. Tom Franckx won the first test with 70.5% with N2 Waterloo. N2 Waterloo became very hot during the freestyle, causing too many errors in the test. This sadly reduced the score.

Personal record
Just like her trainer, Emma Driesen also achieved her second international score. With her mare Grace Kelly, she rode a test that was rated with 67.5%. Although the mare was a little scared at the big event, she remained easy to edit and ride. At level 4.3, Hannah Butie, another student of Wim, rode twice to first place with her horse Frodo. With her first test she achieved 70.076%. During the second test, the combination went a step further and achieved 71.063%, which is also a new personal record for Hannah!