It was a busy day for the Verwimp team last Sunday! Jorinde Verwimp entered the Inter I with Dispar Voulgo (by Negro) for the second time and received her first international score. The students of Jorinde Verwimp and of her father Wim Verwimp also performed well last weekend during CDN Zandhoven. With only scores above 65%, everyone on the Verwimp team is still enjoying a pink cloud after this successful competition weekend.

Two weeks ago Jorinde competed with the chestnut gelding Dispar Voulgo in Inter I for the first time. The test did not go smoothly, but Verwimp was satisfied for a debut and she knew which points to work on. During the second Inter I competition, which took place yesterday, there was a lot of improvement in the test compared to the previous one. With a final result of 67.1%, the combination immediately achieved their first international score. With the great progress that Jorinde is making together with Dispar, she is looking very positively at the future.

Great debut
Emma Driesen had her competition debut with the mare Grace Kelly during CDN Zandhoven with the Juniors. The mare behaved in an exemplary way, resulting in a score of 66% and third place.
Katelijne Maes also came to the Juniors where she won the team test with 68.6% and achieved a second place in the individual test with a great score of 70.4%.
Veronique successfully competed with her horse Wendor in the PSG. The combination put down a nice test that was appreciated by the jury with 68.5%.

Top scores
Not only the students of Jorinde were able to perform well last weekend. The pupils of Wim Verwimp also achieved great scores. Hannah Buteneers competed in Level 4 where she achieved a 6th place with 68.3%. Diete Vos rode with her talent Dandy in the PSG. The combination rode a great test and achieved a good score of 69.3%.