The real horse lovers could not have missed it, the Nations Cups that took place during CHIO Twente. The best riders competed in specially selected teams to defend their country. Both Fanny Verliefden and Jorinde Verwimp were selected to participate in this event for the Belgian team. During her tests with Indoctro v / d Steenblok (by Rubin Royal) Fanny achieved good scores. Unfortunately for Jorinde and Cape Town (by Conteur) the Nations Cup didn’t go as expected.

Strong field of participants
During CHIO Twente, Fanny Verliefden participated with Indoctro v / d Steenblok the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special. During the tests Indoctro was somewhat stressed by the large entourage, as result the scores were pressed for both tests. Despite the tension and the extremely strong field of participants, the combination managed to achieve nice result. With the Grand Prix that was held on Saturday 22 June, Fanny achieved a score of 69.587%. Her test was judged by more than 70% with one of the juries. The following day the Grand Prix Special took place on Sunday. This test was rated with a neat score of 68.87%. The Belgian team finished in 6th place after this weekend.

Bad luck for Jorinde
The Grand Prix started fantastic for Jorinde. Cape Town did amazing and it looked like that the combination was going to put down their best Grand Prix test ever. Unfortunately, things went differently when Cape Town made a misstep in the final transition to trot. Because he was walking limp for a few passes, the jury stopped the test and unfortunately Jorinde had to leave the arena. After the test, Cape Town is immediately completely checked and it looked like everything was . “We are very sorry that a whole test can be ruined because of such a small slip … But we stay positive and now we focus on CDI Leudelange which will be in two weeks”, Jorinde said about the test.