After Katelijne Maes was told at the beginning of July that she had been selected for the second time to participate in the European Championship, it was finally so far last week. Together with her horse Ibou van de Kapelhoef and a whole team of supporters, Katelijne traveled to the beautiful San Giovanni in Marignano where the European Dressage for Children, Juniors, Young Riders and the U25 took place. On July 24, the team test took place where Katelijne and Karoline Sofie Vestergaard and Amber van den Steen rode in the Belgian Junior Team.

Personal record
The European Championship started for the Juniors on July 24 with the team test. During this category, the participants all ride a test in which the average of the team members is taken per team. The team with the highest average is of course the winner. Katelijne rode a fantastic test, which resulted in a score of 70.242%. Apart from the fact that it is already an achievement to score so well at a European Championship, this was also a new personal record for Katelijne with Ibou. Team members Karoline Sofie and Amber also rode strong scores above the 70%, as a result they achieved an average of 71.020% with the team and thus finished in 5th place!

Heat wave
Not only in the Benelux was there extreme heat. The temperatures also were enormously high during the European Championships. Despite this, Katelijne and Ibou managed to achieve a super performance during the team test. Unfortunately, there were a couple of major errors in the individual test, which meant that the combination was not allowed to ride a freestyle and the EC stopped for them here. Despite the fact that it ended differently than hoped for, it was a beautiful and educational European Championship which again showed what a great team Dressage Stable Verwimp has. Jorinde came to support Katelijne during this week and there were several loyal supporters who came to encourage the combination. ” I unfortunately could not finish the European Championship as hoped, but we will continue to train for the upcoming matches. I am very grateful for my mother, Jorinde and Alain who made this all possible again and of course super proud of Ibou who gave herself 100% during the tests despite the heat, ”said Katelijne Maes about her European Championships.