Last weekend the subtop competition CDN Weelde took place. Jorinde Verwimp took the talented Dispar Voulgo (by Negro) with her for his first time competing the Inter I. During the test the combination had very good lines. Despite a few expensive mistakes, they ended up with a decent score. During CDN Weelde, Jorinde her pupils Britt Gellens, Hannah Buteneers and Louise Brauwers also had the opportunity to compete. Every one of them achieved good results. Student of Wim Verwimp, Diete Vos, also participated during this event.

Inter I debut
Due to the progress that Dispar Voulgo makes during competition, it was time to start him at a higher level last weekend. Jorinde competed with Dispar in the Inter I. While riding the, for the combination, new test Dispar already showed some really good work. Unfortunately, due to a few very expensive mistakes, the score was printed and the test was assessed with a final result of 65.6%. “We know again what we have to work on in preparation for the next time!”, Says Jorinde about the test.

Britt Gellens
Britt Gellens, who trains with Jorinde, competed during the CDN with het horse Cardento the Junior tests where she got her second international score. During her first competition, at the start of this month, she immediately achieved her first international score. An amazing achievement to achieve in only two competitions!

Successful students
Student of Wim Verwimp, Diete Vos, also competed on CDN Weelde last weekend. Together with the beautiful black Dandy, she competed in both the Prix St. George and the Inter I. With her PSG test she achieved a score of 69.8% and a 2nd place. The Inter I test was rewarded with 67.4%.
Pony rider Louise Brauwers also had the chance to ride on CDN Weelde. With both her tests she won the first place. During the team test she achieved a score of 69.2%. Her individual test was also very well rated, which enabled her to achieve a score of 68.2%.
Another successful student of Wim during the CDN was Hannah Buteneers. She participated in Level 4 where she finished in 5th place with 66.1%.

In short, a successful weekend with performances that both the riders and the trainers can be proud of!