Last weekend, Jorinde Verwimp made her unofficial Grand Prix debut with Olivi son Arie Sollenburg. They participated in the Grand Prix during the practice show in Uden. This was rewarded with a neat result; they received a score of 69.2% on their protocol.

Jorinde about the Grand Prix performance with her black beauty: “The test went well, but there are still things that are green. We still have to work on the transitions to the piaffe and passage, these have to be smoother. But that is mainly an experience issue. The one tempi changes have improved a lot compared to a while ago. I am very satisfied with Arie; he has done his utmost. ” Click here to watch their test.

Grand Prix debut with two horses
This Sunday, Jorinde will make her Grand Prix debut in Heist-op-den-Berg with two of her horses. With Arie Sollenburg she makes her debut in the Grand Prix, and with the Conteur descendent Cape Town she appears for the first time in the arena of the Grand Prix U25.