After the competition debut in May, Jorinde Verwimp returned to the ring with future talent River Rise Benetton (by Benetton Dream x Rossini). Despite the young age of River Rise Benetton, and therefore a lack of routine, the combination managed to get first place in the level 3 class 1 test. But not only Jorinde Verwimp achieved great results during the past weekend. Also Wim Verwimp his students Louise Brauwers and Jinte Vingerhoets competed in the top three with their amazing scores.

Back in the ring
River Rise Benetton, aka Benny, has again proven that he can become a real superstar for the future. During the competition at Stal Brabo in Schilde, Jorinde Benny competed in level 3 test 1. The only 8-year-old gelding passed the test flawlessly, which was judged by the jury with 71.176%. With this score, the combination not only won 1st place, but they were also more than 3% independent of the combination in second place. “Benny already relaxed a lot more and was more confident comparing to the last test we rode in May, which makes me very happy, says Jorinde about her test.”

Local champion
But not only Jorinde won a first place. The students of Wim Verwimp, Jinte Vingerhoets and Louise Brauwers, also started last weekend. Jinte Vingerhoets rode during the local championship in the M1 in Westerlo. She started with her horse G-Star with which she achieved first place and became local champion. Louise Brauwers rode with her pony in Torhout during the freestyle to music where she also managed to show a super test which was good for a second place with 72%!