Riding a successful competition on two different locations with two different horses on the same day? That is no problem for Jorinde Verwimp. Last Saturday, May 25, she first rode with Dispar Voulgo (by Negro) in the Prix St. George, which took place in Schilde. Later in the day, she had her competition debut in Heist-op-den-Berg during the selections for the World Breeding Dressage Championship for Young Horses with her new horse Charmer (by Charmeur).

Future prospect
Less than six months ago Jorinde her new horse Charmer entered on the grounds of Dressage Stables Verwimp. The now 7-year-old son of Charmeur has developed enormously during this time and for this reason the selections for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses were the right time to make the debut. During the selections, Charmer showed what he is worth and combined with many positive reactions, the combination was selected to continue to the second selection round. However, Jorinde has chosen not to participate it. “I don’t think Charmer is ready for that kind of big competition yet, so we want to save his talent for the future. He has shown himself and that gives me every confidence in a bright future with him, “says Jorinde.

Dispar Voulgo successful in PSG
The same day that Jorinde rode the World Championships for Young Dressage Horse selections in Heist-op-den-Berg, she also had to compete with Dispar Voulgo, in Schilde, at Prix St. George level. With the help of the team and perfect time management, Jorinde was able to arrive at both locations on time and also to perform successfully. Dispar gave a good feeling during the test and was also nice to work with. Unfortunately, with a big mistake in the right pirouette, the score was depressed. Due to the very nice series, the damage was repaired somewhat, which ment that the combination ended with a score of 68.1% and a third placement in a strong field of participants.