After a successful competition weekend with 3 horses, Jorinde Verwimp is very satisfied with her results and the horses. With the horses Juwel Krack v / h Klaverhof (v. Jazz) and Gina’s Pearl, Jorinde competed in level 4 test 3. With Charmer (v. Charmeur) Verwimp rode in level 4 test 2 where she achieved first place. But it was not just a successful competition weekend for Jorinde, pupil Ruut Pasgang and pupils of Wim Verwimp, Hannelore Volders and Louise Brauwers, also started and were able to perform well.

During the level 4 test 3 Jorinde won the 2nd and 3rd place. What makes this performance even better is the fact that she was able to empower 3rd place during the competition debut of the 8-year-old Gina’s Pearl, also known as Gini, who has only been with Jorinde for six months. On some understandable errors, he continued to ride well and the combination ended up with a score of 67.4% and a third place. Jorinde also competed with the 7-year-old Juwel Krack v / h Klaverhof in the same class. Despite the fact that he still lacks some competition routine, he already showed a huge amount of talent for the higher work during the test and that was also seen by the jury with 67.8% and a 2nd place.

Rising line
With the also 7-year-old Charmeur son Charmer, Jorinde rode in level 4 test 2. Besides that Charmer is still relatively inexperienced by his age, this was also only the third competition that he started with Jorinde. Nevertheless, he makes more progress every time and he passed the test almost flawlessly last weekend. This was therefore rewarded with 68.8% and first place. “Last weekend was a very successful weekend in which the three young and fairly inexperienced horses have already shown many beautiful things that make us very happy,” said Jorinde about last weekend. ”

More young talent
Not only did Jorinde compete with young up-and-coming talent last weekend. Her student Ruut Pasgang also brought her 5-year-old James Pleasure to the 5-year-old. The young James shows a nice upward line on the competition, so that last weekend’s test received a total score of 77.8% and the combination ended in 2nd place. But it was not only young horses that competed last weekend. The young pupil of Wim Verwimp, Louise Brauwers, also rode with her pony N-constantino v / d Bolkerhoeve at the ponies in the team test and achieved a score of 67%. For Hannelore Volders, her test with Domenico in the Inter I was good for a score of 67.7%, which ended the successful weekend.