The team of the Belgian, Wiekevorst-based, Dressuurstal Verwimp has already ensured great achievements in dressage nationally and abroad. Since 2016 Jorinde Verwimp can call herself an Olympic rider and Fanny Verliefden has provided groundbreaking changes for the Belgian dressage sport. She was responsible for the qualification of the Belgian dressage team! This however is just a small number of the results our team has achieved. To see a detailed list of the achievements per team member, look under the heading ‘Team’.

Fanny: “The big ones go to Jorinde, the smaller ones to me and the difficult ones to Wim.” (IDS, 2016)

Through the many years of experience at large competitions with different types of horses, our riders have a lot of knowledge. We know exactly how a dressage horse should be and which course needs to be followed in order to produce top performances. Dressuurstal Verwimp is specialised in educating, training and selling dressage horses. Would you like to know more about our services and your possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.