Wim Verwimp

Wim was born in the 60’s and cannot imagine any other life than one with horses. He rode ponies as a child and then successfully switched to horses. He achieved excellent international results during his career. Nowadays, he is mainly active as instructor.

In 2000 Wim took part in the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. He came 14th in the 6-year-old category with the horse VPS Melvin V (Flemmingh x Amor). One of his other top horses was Maxwill V (Goodwill x Dageraad). He competed in two European Dressage Championships with Maxwill V. In 2007 they achieved a 12th place with the team (La Mandria) and in 2009 an 8th place (Windsor, Great Britain). They competed together from 2007 until 2009 inclusive.

He then achieved good results with Neversfelde Feuer (Flemmingh x Cocktail). The horse however fell just short of making an international debut so daughter Jorinde took over the reins in 2012. That was not without success; the new combination won the Grand Prix in Diepenbeek with a score of 64.57%. Jorinde was 17 years old at the time.

One of his latest top horses is Pari Lani (Solos Landtinus x Fanal Prydsholm) with whom he formed a partnership from 2012 until 2014 inclusive. He won several gold medals (including Compiegne, 2013) with Pari Lani. In Jeneffe the combination rode a score of 67.92% and thus took the top place on the podium.

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Fanny Verliefden

Fanny Verliefden is one of the owners of Dressage stable Verwimp. She was responsible for the qualification of the Belgium Dressageteam for the Olympic Games in Rio the Janeiro in 2016, with her beloved horse Annarico.

Fanny Verliefden runs the dressage yard, together with partner Wim. She has ridden horses from a very early age. With the ponies and her first horse her focus was mainly on jumping and eventing. When the horse that she was then riding sustained an injury that meant that he could only be used for dressage, her love of dressage was awakened. She has proven to be very talented and has now become one of the best dressage riders in the world. In 2016 Fanny was ranked in 34th place in the FEI World Individual Dressage Ranking.

When on her 18th birthday her coach at the time, Wim Verwimp, (now partner) and parents decided that she deserved a horse that could take her to the top, Rubel 13 (Rubinstein I x Tin Rocco) came into her life. With Rubel 13 she rode her first big successes such as competing in the European Championship with the Young Riders. Not long after that she made the transition to Grand Prix.

Fanny’s all-time top horse is however Annarico (Lord Loxley x Havel). This Lord Loxley-daughter, also known as Anny, has been owned by Fanny since she was a six-year-old. Her sensitive and diligent character meant that it took a while before they reached the level that they are at now, but it is more than worth it. Fanny and Annarico were responsible for the Belgian dressage team’s qualification for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Unfortunately they were not able to participate due to a minor injury to the top athlete.

Annarico’s most important results are a 4th place GP and GP Kür with 77.950% in ’s-Hertogenbosch (2016), 2nd place GP and winner GP Kür with 79.700% in Lier (2016), 9th place in the GP and 8th place in the GP Kür with 78.980% in Amsterdam (2016) and the victory in the GP Special in Rotterdam (2015).

With the approved stallion Indoctro, Fanny is successful in the Prix St. Georges. In February 2016 the combination achieved a score of 71.053% in Massenhoven.

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Jorinde Verwimp

Jorinde’s love of horses does not come as a surprise. The equestrian family Verwimp has loved horses since the 12th Century. Her father, Wim Verwimp, was successful as an international dressage rider and Jorinde has always had the same ambition. As a child she was always to be found on the yard and it wasn’t long before the little one had a pony under her. After a successful pony career she moved on to horses. Her career has been very fruitful, as since 2016 the young rider can call herself an Olympian, at just 21 years of age. From 2012 until her participation in Rio, Jorinde worked as a stable rider for Anky van Grunsven. Under her guidance she made a successful transition to Grand Prix with Tiamo.

The highlight of Jorinde’s career is without doubt her participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (2016). Together with top horse Tiamo (Lester x Hemmingway) she travelled as sole Belgian rider to far-away Brazil. They rode a good score of 70.771% which earned them a very respectable 35th place. The combination has achieved high scores. They scored 75.325% in Aachen (July 2016) and 75.275% in the Grand Prix in Mechelen (December 2015).

As well as Tiamo she also competes the good-looking Wendor (Kennedy x Iglesias). This combination is competing at Intermediaire I and Prix St. George level. This year they have achieved many scores in the 70% such as the 71.075% in Compiègne (Intermediaire I, Kür) and the 72.750% in Nice (Intermediaire I, Kür). They were also part of the Belgian selection for Achen in the four star category.

With Arie Sollenburg (Olivi x Ferro) Jorinde participated in CHIO Aachen, where they were rewarded with the eighth place! During the CDI3* in Waregem, they scored percentages of 72.9% and 70.76% in the Prix St. Georges, with which they became third twice. In the Freestyle they managed to achieve a percentage of 73.3%, where they also became third. In addition, the duo is preparing for their debut in the Grand Prix.

Jorinde also shows up in the arena with Cape Town and Kastar Hof ter Zeedycke D’12 (Game-Boy D’10 x Bonheur) . With Cape Town (Conteur x Calambo) she has performed in the Small Tour, where they are already rewarded with multiple 69+ scores. With Kastar she became the Belgian Champion in the seven-years-old category in 2017.

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Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen

Veronique is in training by Jorinde Verwimp. Together with the talented black Kennedy gelding Wendor she competes at Intermediaire I level. Wendor was previously successfully brought out by Jorinde herself so that he could gain some competition experience.

Wendor and Veronique are now putting down good results in dressage. In March 2018 they became eighth in the CDI4* Intermediare I in Lier with a score of 66.676%. During CDI Compiègne 2018 they scored almost 70% in the Freestyle.

Tom Franckx

Contrary to many dressage riders Tom Franckx did not grow up in an equestrian family. Tom’s first riding lesson was thanks to his cousin who gave him a lesson as a birthday present. Once it became obvious that he was an exceptionally talented rider, his parents sponsored him the pony Hopje. As a result, Tom had a good start in the junior categories. When he later pursued his career with the horse Doncaster, his father Jan acquired his love of horses. Jan bought a brood mare and many of the horses bred by him have been competed by Tom. In addition to his successful performances in dressage with his own horses, he also presented Joop van Uytert’s stallions at stallion shows and competitions (including Bon Bravour, by Painted Black).

Tom is at our yard two or three times a week for instruction from Wim. One of the horses he is successfully competing is the gelding Evento D (Rubiquil x Goodtimes). The combination attracted attention when they won the Belgian Cup in the 6-year-olds category in 2015, with a score of 77.60%. This was not the first time for Tom; he also won the Belgian Cup in 2013, in the 5-year-olds category, with I.P.S. Dolcherie (Painted Black x Krack C).

The talented rider has competed in the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses several times. In 2011 he was reserve champion with Bon Bravour in the 5-year-olds category. He was also reserve champion with Bon Bravour in the Pavo Cup and in 2012 they won the finals of the KWPN stallion competition. In 2013 he took part in the World Championships with Dolcherie, where he finished in 5th place. In 2014 he finished in 4th place during the World Championships with Dolores van de Kwikaard. In 2015 he rode Evento D in the World Championships, where they finished 16th.

With I.P.S. Just Wait (Jazz x Quarterback) he rode a score of 76.55% during the 5-year-olds competition in Diepenbeek in April 2016, good for third place. With Dolores van de Kwikaard (Zucchero x Royal Dance) he rode a score of 71.368% in 2016 in the Prix St. George in Lier. This combination was second in 2014 in the Belgian Championship for 6-year-olds. In March 2016 he achieved a good score of 68.905% with Borsato (by Belissimo M) in the Intermediaire B. During the Flanders Dressage Event in 2016 Tom finished in fifth place on Borsato, with 66.300% in the Grand Prix. He won gold during the Flanders Dressage Event (2016) with Ferentino in the Prix St. George, with a score of 68.395%.

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Chloe morris

Chloe Morris

Chloe Morris acts at Prix St. Georges / Intermediare I level with her Lord Loxley descendant Lord Wallonia. This beautiful gelding has already put down several good performances under Chloe. For example, in early 2017, they became second during CDI3* Lier with 68,053%. The combination is in training at Wim Verwimp.

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Britt Gellens

Britt Gellens is a 15 year old rider. She has already achieved many successes in the pony dressage. Next year she wants to make the transition to the juniors with her new competition horse Dunja Sollenburg. They make a lot of progress and are definitely a promise for the future.

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Katelijne Maes

Katelijne Maes is only 16 years old, but she has already proven to be a great rider. After a successful period with the ponies, she is now preparing to make the transition to the horses.

With her Lord Loxley I descendant Ibou van de Kapelhoef she has made the transition to Junior level, and not without results! For example, the combination became third with a score of 72.958% in the Freestyle at the Junior competition during CDI Compiègne. During the international dressage days in Aachen she finished fourth in the individual junior competition with a score of 70.735%.

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Ruut Pasgang

The 23-year-old Ruut Pasgang rider is on her way to put down top results. Ruut has the seven-year-old Sandro now for two years under the saddle and has grown tremendously the last year. She went from level two to level four in one season. This combination is in training by Jorinde Verwimp.

Matthias Dieltjens

Matthias Dieltjens is training hard with Dispar Voulgo. This combination has only been formed recently, but they both have a lot of talent. The goal is to start in Young Riders classes in 2018. Stay tuned!

Emma Driesen

Emma Driesen

Emma is 15 years old and competes with her horse Frodo in the junior class. Among other things, she became fourth during the Belgian Championships in 2018. Emma takes over Kalahari from Jorinde to bring her out in the Junior class. Emma her goal is to get into action with the Juniors with her own Hearthrow in 2019.


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