The Verwimp family has been based in the Belgian Wiekevorst (Heist op den Berg) since the 12th Century. Also located on the 27 hectares of land where the dressage yard is based, is the Wimpelhoeve. This farmhouse has been passed down within the Verwimp family for many generations. The Wimpelhoeve was one of the largest farms in the Kempen. One part of the ancient farm is the monumental barn. The current barn dates back to the beginning of the 17th Century. Since 1976 the farm is a listed building and in 1980 it was completely renovated.

Wim Verwimp has always had a love of horses, so it was not a surprising switch from a cattle farm to an equestrian business. Wim built everything up from scratch and Dressuurstal Verwimp has now grown into one of the largest and best-performing yards in Belgium. Our riders and horses achieve excellent results at large competitions. Furthermore, since 2016 Jorinde Verwimp can call herself an Olympic rider and Fanny Verliefden has been very beneficial to the Belgian dressage sport. She was responsible for the Belgian participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Our experienced team is specialised in educating, training and selling dressage horses. Under Wim Verwimp’s leadership, horses are trained to the highest level. We strive for perfection. A happy horse forms the basis of this. When this is combined with good training then performance can only go in an upwards trend.

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