Victories for Ruut Pasgang

That practice makes perfect, proved again during last weekend. Edit Jorinde Verwimp as Katelijne Maes and Britt Gellens took the horses to St. Truiden for a practice match. With these practice matches, a lot of experience was gained in addition to achieving strong scores. The pupil of Jorinde Verwimp, Ruut Pasgang, rode a real competition with the young James Pleasure where she managed to perform well.

Practice competition
Joining the practice test with Jorinde was the sympathetic horse Eton. Because of the potency that he already shows in the training sessions, it was time to see how this would express itself in competitions. Verwimp brought him out for the first time in the Inter II where the combination immediately achieved a super score of 70.14%. “There were still some errors in the test, but I am very happy with him so far,” Jorinde says about the practice test.

Ruut Pasgang

Ruut Pasging, student of Jorinde Verwimp, went on a real competition with James Pleasure last weekend. She rode the first test at Level 1, which she won with 71.54%. The combination also rode a test at Level 2. Here too they managed to conquer the first place with a nice score of 70.61%.