Dispar Voulgo back after a year long competition break

Last Saturday Jorinde Verwimp and several Team Verwimp team members were present at CDN Sint-Truiden. Jorinde participated with Gelinia van Kairos (s. Charmeur) for the second time during the Prix St. George and managed to secure a spot on the podium here. After a one-year break from competition, the talented Dispar Voulgo (s. Negro) also competed this weekend. Jorinde Verwimp rode him during the Prix St. George. Team members Emma Driesen, Ruut Pasgang and Hannelore Volders also had a good competition during CDN Sint-Truiden.

Rising line

After Gelinia van Kairos (also called Grace) her Prix St. George debut a week ago, Jorinde competed with the talented Charmeur mare for the second time in the same class last weekend. During the test the mare showed already a lot of improvement compared to last week, which resulted in a score of 70.8% and a second placement. Dispar Voulgo (s. Negro) was allowed to compete again after a year. Although he still misses routine, he already showed a nice test during the PSG that accounted for 66.9% and a fourth place.

Victory for Emma Driesen

Pupil of Jorinde, Emma Driesen, also appeared in the ring last weekend. With the black gelding Cardento (s. Painted Black) she competed during the Juniors. Despite the heat during the weekend, Emma had a winning test with Cardento during the Junior Team Test. The combination has already scored well in recent matches. With the last results Emma got here points to compete internationally in the future. The upcoming week she will prepare for her international debut which will be a few weeks.

Podium for Ruut Pasgang

Ruut Pasgang competed with her two horses James and Limit Begijnhoeve during CDN Sint-Truiden. Ruut is also in training with Jorinde and managed to score really good with both horses. With her 4-year-old Limit she competed in the category for 4-year-old and managed to get third place with a score of 76.8%. With her 6-year-old James she competed at Level 4.3. The gelding had some tension which kept the final score at 65.2%. Hannelore Volders, in training with Wim Verwimp, competed with Dominico the Inter I. She achieved a score of 68.5% here.

But the weekend was not all about performance. Jorinde also went to the beach with Tiamo. A perfect way for both horse and rider to alternate training sessions.