Victories for team Verwimp during CDN Dentergem

After the successful ending of 2019, team Verwimp started their for 2020 first competitions with good results. During CDN Dentergem, Jorinde Verwimp appeared with four different horses which she showed excellently. The younger team members of the Verwimp team also managed to put themselves in the spotlight during CDN Dentergem. With multiple podium places and international scores, it was a successful competition weekend for Dressage Stable Verwimp.

Multiple podium places
During the Prix St. George, with the horses Golddream and Juwel v / h Klaverhof, Jorinde Verwimp won both the first and the second place. With Juwel she rode a test of 68.3%, which made the combination second. The sympathetic stallion Golddream added a little extra, which resulted in a 1st place with a score of 69.2%. But Jorinde has not only put the PSG to her name, she also rode the Inter B to Eton after winning 65.6%. The test that Jorinde rode in the Inter I with Kalahari was good for 66.9%. Student of Wim Verwimp, Diete Vos, achieved a score of 67.9% in the Inter I.

Successful with the juniors
Dressuurstal Verwimp was also well represented during the juniors, which took place during CDN Dentergem. Katelijne Maes, a pupil of Jorinde, and Louise Brauwers, a pupil of Wim, competed in this class. Katelijne managed to put both tests on her name with the gelding Ibou van de Kapelhoef. Louise, who rode her Junior debut herself, was allowed to accompany Katelijne on the podium with a score of 67.4% by achieving a third place.

Britt van de Weyer, student of Wim Verwimp, competed with her pony Constanze for the first time in the Pony class. The combination managed to perform two neat tests that were rated with 66.2% and 66.4%. With these scores, she already has her first international scores right away.

Jorinde Verwimp successfully competed six horses in one day

It was another successful day for Jorinde Verwimp last Sunday. During the CDN, which was held at Stal Bocage in Dentergem, Verwimp appeared with not one but no fewer than six horses in the ring. She competed two horses at level 4.2, one horse at level 4.3, two horses at PSG level and the last one at Inter I level. Apart from the already impressive performance of competing six horses in one day, Verwimp also ended up with all six horses in the top 2 with the past tests.

Competition debut
After the recent successful competitions with River Rise Benetton at level 3.3, it was time last weekend to go one step higher to level 4 test 2. During the test Benny already showed many promising pieces. Unfortunately, due to tension, the points were pushed down so that the test was placed in 2nd place with 66.09%. But it wasn’t just for River Rise Benetton that it was time for a 4.2 level debut. Jorinde also competed the horse of her student Emma Driesen, Gelinia van Kairos, in the same class. Particularly in the trot and canter parts beautiful parts where showed. With a nice score of 68.2%, Verwimp finished in 1st place.

Best test ever
Also joining Jorinde during the competition were her horses Juwel Krack v/h Klaverhof and Arie Sollenburg. Jorinde rode in class 4.3 with Juwel, where she won first place with 70.5%. During the test, Juwel showed that he is getting more and more experience. But it was not only Juwel who passed the test. In the Inter I, where Jorinde competed with Arie Sollenburg, she felt she managed to ride one of her best tests ever with the gelding. Unfortunately, there was an expensive mistake in the right pirouette that was judged heavily. Nevertheless, the test resulted in a nice score of 70.5% and a 2nd place.

PSG debut
In the Prix St. George, Verwimp competed the horses Gina’s Pearl and Esprit. For both horses this was the first time they were ridden at PSG level. Although it was a debut, the horses already showed many of their qualities. For example, Esprit, pupil Louise Brauwers’ horse, received several 8s for his step. With a total score of 67.9%, this was also good for a 2nd placement. The debut of Gina’s Pearl also went very well at PSG level for the first time. With even an 8 for the canter pirates, the combination finished in first place with a score of 68.8%. “In general I am very happy with all these horses and how well they did their best during the competition! It was really a very successful day, says Jorinde after her six tests. ”

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