Great results for Team Verwimp at the Sentower Dressage Festival

Team Verwimp was well represented at the Sentower Dressage Festival in Opglabbeek, also known as CDI Opglabbeek. Jorinde presented three horses in the ring: Golddream vd Kempenhoeve, Juwel Krack vh Klaverhof and Capetown. Her students Louise Brauwers and Elise Verwimp were also present in the ring. 

Small Tour
The small tour was ridden by Jorinde and her horse Golddream vd Kempenhoeve. Golddream had the perfect competitionmood this weekend. He did his best and Jorinde was able to ride nice tests with him, with the result that they were in the top 5 of the ranking every day. The tests went every time better. The Prix St. Georges was rated by the jury with 69.7% and the Intermediaire 1 with 70.1%. On the last day Jorinde rode a very nice Freestyle with Golddream vd Kempenhoeve. This resulted in 71.9%.

Jorinde also brought Juwel Krack van het Klaverhof to CDI Opglabbeek and showed his talents in the Small Tour. Unfortunately Juwel did not have his best day on the first day and was a bit naughty. Jorinde had more control on the second day and Juwel Krack van het Klaverhof did his best for it in the Intermediaire 1. The jury appreciated this test with a good result of 67.4%.

Grand Prix
Last but not least, Jorinde showed the gelding Cape Town in the Grand Prix. Cape Town did his best. There is still a lot to improve, but the feeling ride a good test was there. A result of 67% was achieved in the Grand Prix and 71.1% in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Student Louise Brauwers started her horses Esprit and Graaf Donnerhal in the Junior class during CDI Opglabbeek. Esprit was in good rhythm and was nice to ride. In the first test he became 2nd in the ranking with a percentage of 70.5%. In the second test he scored 69%. In the freestyle, Louise and Esprit scored 70.6%.

Louise’s other horse, Graaf Donnerhal, had his international debut in Opglabbeek. He still found the entourage very exciting. Fortunately he continued to do his best in the tests. For now the combination wants to get more experience in the international competitions, so Graaf Donnerhal is less impressed by the atmosphere.

After 12-year-old Elise Verwimp made her international debut in Sint-Truiden last week with her horse Boemerang, she was also present at CDI Opglabbeek this weekend. The combination came 5th in the Children Individual Test with 69.1%. The other tests were rated with nice percentages of 66.8 and 68.6%. Elise was allowed to ride in the awards ceremony, a great experience for such a young rider.

CDN Grote Brogel
Between the busy days of CDI Opglabbeek, a debut was planned in CDN Grote Brogel. Jorinde started the gelding Charmer for the first time in the Intermediaire 2. She rode a nice test with a lot of harmony and suppleness. This resulted in a nice score of 70%, which made this combination win this class. What a great debut.

All in all, we can look back with great satisfaction on a successful and educational competition weekend.

Successful competition weekend for Team Verwimp

Due to the outbreak of the rhino virus, there were unfortunately no more competitions for Team Verwimp after CDN Grote Brogel. Last weekend the team was allowed to go on competition again with their horses and ponies. Emma Driesen and Louise Brauwers showed their horses in Dentergem in the Young Rides and Juniors. In the same weekend Elise Verwimp and Anna Peeters presented their ponies at the well-known competition CDI Sint-Truiden. 


In Dentergem, the Young Riders tests were ridden by Emma Driesen. She presented her horse Grace to the jury. Despite the fact that Grace suffered a bit with tension in both tests, Emma could ride her nicely. The jury judged the tests with two good scores of 67.1% and 69.3%.

In the Junior class Louise Brauwers was allowed to show the qualities of her horses Esprit and Graaf Donnerhal. With her horse Esprit, Louise finished in 2nd place in the classification with a score of 68.48%. Also 3rd place in the rankings went to Louise. This time with her horse Graaf Donnerhall. With this gelding she scored 66.81%.

CDI Sint-Truiden

During CDI Sint-Truiden, 13-year-old rider Anna Peeters made her international debut with her pony Balotelli. What an experience to participate in an international show for the first time. The combination rode a beautiful test, which resulted in an 8th place in the pony individual test with more than 68%!

12-year-old Elise Verwimp also made her international debut in the Children with her horse Boemerang. As Elise self said about her experience, “I am very happy how it turned out. I was able to ride three wonderful tests and my results were also very good for the first time. I am really very proud of  my horse Boomerang. ” This beautiful combination learned a lot this weekend and had a lot of fun. All in all, a successful weekend that we can be proud of.

Which horses is Jorinde training at the moment?

After a period of fanatic training during the lockdown, Jorinde was finally able to compete with her horses again in January and February. Unfortunately, all competitions have been canceled due to the rhino virus, but luckily Jorinde has enough horses to ride! Which horses is Jorinde actually training at the moment? And what are the expectations of these horses? In this article we introduce the horses.

Grand Prix
We start with the 14 year old gelding Cape Town (Conteur x Calambo). Cape Town is currently Jorinde’s only Grand Prix horse. She hopes to be able to ride a couple of international competitions with Cape Town this year. This allows the combination to get even more experience in the tests. Jorinde’s ultimate goal with Cape Town is to be able to ride a World Cup one day!

Cape Town’s successor could be the 9-year-old gelding Charmer (Charmeur x Quatro B)! Jorinde competes in the Small Tour with Charmer and this beautiful combination is training for the Grand Prix. Jorinde has high expectations of Charmer. It’s her goal to start with him in the Grand Prix this year.

The horse who Jorinde also is preparing for the Grand Prix  is the 12-year-old mare Just a little bit Krack van het Klaverhof (Tango x Krack C). At the moment she is competing international in the Small Tour. She is a talented mare with a lot of talent for the higher niveaus.

Small Tour
Besides Just a little bit Krack van het Klaverhof, Jorinde also rides the 9 year old stallion Juwel krack van het Klaverhof (Jazz x royal diamond). Jorinde hopes to make his international debut in the Small Tour this year.

Jorinde also rides the 7-year-old gelding Amperes Diamond van het Klaverhof (Ampere x Royal Diamond) from the same Klaverhof breeding farm. Jorinde is currently starting him in the FEI 7-year-old, but she wants to compete in the Prix St Georges soon.

As you can read, Jorinde trains various talented horses from different customers next to her own horses. For example, Jorinde has the 9 year old Golddream v/d Kempenhoeve (Jazz x Quarterback) to ride. This horse is owned by Veronique Philippaerts. Veronique will soon compete with Golddream by herself. At the moment Jorinde is riding him international in the Small Tour and they are training for the Medium Tour.

Level 4
The 10 year old River Rise Benetton (Benetton Dream x Rossini) is owned by the Korean rider Sung Yu Park. He will compete River Rise Benetton soon by himself. Jorinde is currently starting the horse in level 4 and hopes to make the switch to the Prix St Georges soon.

Who hopefully will also be started in level 4 this year is Newberry Z (Negro x Weltmeyer). This 6 year old gelding is extra special for Familie Verwimp. They have bred Newberry Z themselves, trained themselves and they are very curious what the future will bring!

The 7 year old Jack (Bojengel x May sherif) is currently being trained towards level 4. This gelding has no competition experience yet. Jorinde thinks it is important that she takes enough time to prepare the horse at home first. Hopefully she will be able to take him to a competition soon.

Young talent
Last but not least, Jorinde trains the 4 year old Eros Krack van het Klaverhof (by Easy Game). This is a very big boy, so they take it easy in training. Jorinde thinks it’s very important that large horses have enough time to grow. She has a very good feeling about Eros and really think that he is a big talent for the future!

In addition, she currently also has the 5-year-old Q Charniro van het Westhof in her stable. The young talented gelding from Verwimp will most likely be brought out in dressage in the future.

Enough horses to manage, to train and prepare for the higher level. Jorinde hopes that she will be able to present her horses in the ring soon. Of course health and safety are the most important, so she still has to be patient. In any case, Jorinde will not get bored with all these talented horses!

Team Verwimp in full competition rythm at CDN Grote Brogel

Team Verwimp got back into the competition rythm at CDN Grote Brogel this weekend. Jorinde as well as her students Ruut Pasgang, Emma Driesen and Yinthe van de Ven were present in the ring and Wim’s student Alexa Fairchild also took part in the Grand Prix this weekend. Despite some healthy tension due to the competition break among the driven combinations ended the weekend satisfied with the ridden tests.

Grand Prix

Last Sunday the Grand Prix was ridden by Jorinde Verwimp and Alexa Fairchild. Dressage rider Alexa performed with her two horses Romy and Dabanos D’o4 several steady tests during CDN Grote Brogel and finished fourth (69.4%) and fifth (69.1%) in the rankings. Jorinde Verwimp followed them up with Cape Town at a sixth place and a score of 67.5%.

Intermediate I & Level 4

Jorinde together with Just A Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof and Golddream Vd Kempenhoeve set neat tests in the Intermediaire I, which were rewarded with a fifth (67.6%) and a sixth place (67.2%) by the jury. In Level 4 Jorinde and River Rise Benneton achieved a score of 68.9% and finished at a successful third place.

FEI 7-Year Preliminary

Despite some healthy tension, Ruut Pasgang and her James Pleasure rode in the 7-year-old preliminary to a score of 72.3%. With a small jury difference, the combination ended in an excellent second place.

Young Riders

Emma Driesen and Gelinia van Kairos made their debut in the Young Riders class and had a competition day with a number of sporting depths and highlights. Unfortunately, the team test led to a greeting. However, the individual test got rewarded with a score of 68% with room for improvement. Yinthe van de Ven saw this weekend as a good exercise for the trot and pirouettes with No-limit CV. The combination achieved a score of 67.2% in the team test and 63.7% in the individual test. All in all, the weekend ended succesfully.

Team Verwimp conquers the classification during CDN Turnhout

Team Verwimp rode steadfastly in the ring during CDN Turnhout. Last weekend, the team members continued the excellent performances. Both Jorinde Verwimp and Wim’s students were evenly matched in the Prix St. Georges and followed each other in the rankings. The team members Ruut Pasgang, Maïté Colling, Eefje Appelmans and Elise Verwimp also managed to achieve high scores in various classes.

Prix ​​St. Georges

Jorinde Verwimp had competition this weekend in the Prix St. Georges from Wim’s students Annemik Vleugels, Chloe Morris Talbot and Geert van Hemelen. Despite her horse Gina’s Pearl entering the ring a bit tense, Jorinde managed to finish third with a score of 69.2%. Annemik Vleugels followed Verwimp with Havidoff van Moretus in fifth place. The driven combination achieved a score of 68%.

In the same class, Chloe Morris Talbot and Geert van Hemelen were evenly matched with their talented horses. Chloe rode a decent test with Hele Dolly US and finished in tenth place in the rankings with a score of 64.4%. Geert formed this weekend a combination with Knock-out Van Rozendycke and finished in eleventh place with a score of 64.3%.

Intermediate I.

Jorinde Verwimp was also successful in Intermediate I. She rode with Charmer to a third place. The combination achieved an excellent performance with a score of 70.4%.

7-year Preliminary & Level 4.3

Ruut Pasgang took the victory with her James in the 7-year Preliminary. The motivated combination ended in first place with a score of almost 73%. In Level 4.3 Eefje Appelmans rode with Dynamic to a seventh place. Their test was rated with a score of 67.3%.

Successful pupils

Jorinde’s pupils also achieved excellent scores in the Young Riders and Children classes this weekend. Maïté Colling ended with her Rapallo C.L. in fourth place in the Young Riders. The combination achieved a score of 65.8% in the team test and a score of 68% in the individual test. Elise Verwimp and Boemerang won the Children. They scored a score of 72.9% with the individual test and a score of 73.9% with the team test.

Team Verwimp steadfastly in the ring during CDN Turnhout!

Last week the decision was made: dressage event CDN Turnhout could take place for professional riders. A good first step in gradually rebuilding the competition season. Team Verwimp also appeared in the ring this weekend after a long competition break. The training sessions of the past period clearly hunger for more, because Team Verwimp managed to set excellent scores during CDN Turnhout!

Prix ​​St. Georges

This weekend Jorinde Verwimp took part in the Prix St. Georges together with her KWPN mare Just A Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof and achieved a score of 69.1%. This resulted in a third place. The classification was further expanded with the ambitious combination of Annemik Vleugels and Havidoff van Moretus. Wim Verwimp’s pupil achieved a decent score of 67.28% with her gelding and finished in sixth place.

Intermediate I

Verwimp brought out Charmer and Gelinia Exequo in the Intermediaire I. Both horses made their debut this weekend and scored impressive scores of 70+% despite their inexperience! The two combinations finished in third and first place, which gives very positive prospects for the future!

Young horses

Jorinde ended the weekend very satisfied with Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof under the saddle. They made their debut in the 7-year FEI Preliminary and achieved a score of 74.7%. Pupil Ruut Pasgang represented the team together with James Pleasure and achieved a good score of 73+%. Pasgang also participated in the 5-year FEI Preliminary and set a neat test with Limit Edition Begijnhoeve. This resulted in a score of 73+%.

The talent of the future

The young pupils of Verwimp were also present in the ring this weekend. For Elise Verwimp it was an extra special dressage event. She rode her first test in the Children class together with Boemerang and achieved, despite some minor flaws, a score of 70.37%. Helena Colling appeared in the ring with Demoiselle C.L. and achieved a personal best with a score of 71+%.

Team Verwimp’s review of 2020

Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching, it is a good time for Team Verwimp to look back on the past year. Without a doubt, 2020 can be called a historic year with the great impact that the corona virus has had on the competition season. Despite the cancellation of various dressage events, Team Verwimp can look back on an educational, busy and beautiful year!

CDI Lier and lockdown Belgium

After a successful completion of the competition season in 2019, Team Verwimp started the year with the first competitions of 2020. In February, the CDI Lier in the Azelhof was planned, where Jorinde, together with her horses Cape Town and Golddream vd Kempenhoeve has put down decent scores. Unfortunately, the first lockdown was announced by the Belgian government right after the dressage event. An unexpected message that presented Team Verwimp with a major challenge.

It was a situation that required various adjustments, says Jorinde Verwimp: “We started the year with many good prospects, but soon our entire schedule had to be adjusted. Normally we always train through the winter and then show the results during the summer season in various competitions. Because this was unfortunately not possible, we trained throughout the summer season this year. “

Highlights of 2020

Despite the developments, Team Verwimp has been able to represent itself at a number of national and international dressage events. This resulted in a number of beautiful highlights, such as Britt van de Weyer and her talented pony Constantino at the European Championship in Hungary. Both individually and as a team they managed to perform strongly, which resulted in a 4th placement with the Belgian team!

Also for Jorinde the competition rhythm was allowed to temporarily look around the corner with the international competition CDI Grote Brogel. Here she made their international debut together with the Tango mare Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof. The year ended nicely with the Belgian Dressage Championships, where Jorinde scored high with her Charmer (by Charmeur) and won a gold medal. The other Verwimp team members also showed strong tests in various classes during the competition.

Jorinde Verwimp looks back on a good year: “The past year has been one of the most educational years. Due to fewer competitions on the schedule, we have trained for a longer period and this has clearly had a positive effect on all my horses. They have made leaps and bounds and this offers interesting prospects for 2021. Hopefully there will be a more normal competition season!

With this great preview of next year, Team Verwimp heralds the festive season. They wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021!

Jorinde en Cardento

Jorinde Verwimp makes Intermediaire I debut with Cardento at Equestrian Center De Peelbergen

As you may have seen before, team Verwimp does not sit still during the lockdown! Jorinde is currently training with her KWPN-gelding Cardento and when the opportunity arose to ride a dressage practice test with him, she seized it with both hands. And with success, because they achieved a great score with their Intermediaire I debut in Peelbergen!

Sunday was the day: the uniform could be taken out of the closet for a practice competition at Equestrian Center De Peelbergen. Here were dressage practice sessions held for horses in the classes Z1 to Grand Prix. Through various training courses, the golden combination, Jorinde Verwimp and Cardento, is currently in top shape.

As Verwimp points out, Cardento showed this weekend that he is getting more experience for the highest level: “During the match it went very well! He behaved properly and this gives a lot of hope for the upcoming competition season.”. Jorinde achieved with Cardento under the saddle a score of 71.6%.

Verwimp’s student Yinthe van de Ven also rode her horse Nolimit in the competition this weekend. Van de Ven: “I am very happy with the progress we have made. Thank you Jorinde for all the help and guidance. We learn something new every day! “.

Verwimp uses the lockdown period to her advantage

Now that there are temporarily no competitions taking place, training can feel a bit pointless. Rider Jorinde Verwimp proves the opposite! She is currently training her horses just as hard as before and uses the lockdown period to her advantage. After all, as a combination you never stop learning and “the sky is the limit”! What goals does she have for next season? Read more!

Training for the Medium Tour

The training of a talented horse to the top seems very hard and Jorinde Verwimp knows better than anyone what it looks like. She sees great potential in her three horses Charmer, Cardento and Just a little bit Krack v / h Klaverhof. Now that she has a little more time on her hands, she devotes her full attention to them and learning them new exercises for the highest level.

Her horse Cardento, for example, has a lot of talent for the piaffe and passage and Just a little bit Krack also seems to have talent for the Grand Prix as a mare. In addition to these talents, Verwimp is currently also training her KWPN gelding Charmer towards the Medium Tour. Her goal is to shine with these three horses in the Grand Prix ring!

Naturally, the training also requires some variety with fun activities such as jumping, beautiful outdoor rides, etc. Especially at the first, Verwimp’s horse Charmer turns out to be a natural!

Next season

Since the Corona virus is still hanging around, Jorinde has also started working with her younger horses. She has set a clear schedule to hopefully reach a next level next season. “Hard training pays off and there are fun and exciting prospects. So we are certainly not sitting still during the lockdown!”; says Verwimp.

New round, new opportunities: Successful CDN Dentergem for team Verwimp and Jorinde wins PSG

“Something impossible, doesn’t exist”! This seems to be the motto of the driven team Verwimp. In the green town of Dentergem, great performances were again achieved this weekend at the CDN Dentergem! Jorinde Verwimp won the Prix St. Georges honorary title with her horse Cardento and Yinthe van de Ven and Emma Driesen rode excellent dressage tests. The hard training is paying off!

Honorary title Prix St. Georges

Good news, which we are glad to share: Jorinde achieved a very powerful dressage test with her horse Cardento during the PSG and won the honorary title with a score of 71.3%! Not only did she rise in the rankings with Cardento, she also achieved an impressive score with Just a little bit Krack v / h Klaverhof. They achieved a score of 68.8% in intermediate I and came second.

Unfortunately, the debut with her horse Charmer in the intermediate II was a little less successful than hoped, according to Verwimp: “In my opinion, there were a lot of mistakes in the test, so I greeted before the last line. Both the jury members and the audience were amazed by my move, because it turned out: we had a score of 69.7%! I didn’t realize that, but we learned from it! ”

Young Riders

Although things were not going well last week, Yinthe van de Ven and Gina’s Pearl went all out for a second chance this weekend. A test that really shows the difference, says Van de Ven: “I really have a good feeling about this match! It was a test without major mistakes and the pirouette felt like how it always feels. With a nice score of 66.5%, we finished in fourth place. ”

Emma Driesen was also very satisfied with her Grace. “I am very happy with Grace under the saddle! Today we rode for the second time in PSG and achieved our international selection. We even got a few eights on our series and finished in third place. We’ve got the hang of it now, on to the next competition! “.

First indoor season competition

Ruiter Ruut Pasgang heralded the indoor season at Rijhal De Damberg in Bocholt this weekend. She rode an excellent test with James under saddle and got rewarded with a shiny gold medal! With her score of 70.6%, she rode to first place in the N4.2.