Last weekend we were present at the CDN 145 in Turnhout!

Last weekend we were present at the CDN 145 in Turnhout!

7 riders were present in Turnhout last weekend and these were their scores:

Maline van Tulder and Emmerson 67,7%
Elise Verwimp and Just A Little Bit Krack v/h Klaverhof 67,2%

Young riders
Britt Gellens and Karnival Zee T 66.6%
Maïte Mouchard and Dare 2 Wear 66%

The Inter 1 was ridden by Kris Schepkens and Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen:

Kris rode Rose Jolie and achieved a score of 68.9%
Veronique rode Golddream Vd Kempenhoeve and scored 67.7%.

Finally, Jorinde Verwimp rode the PSG again with Limited Edition Begijnhoeve and here she achieved a score of 68.8%!

We are proud of how the riders represented dressage stable Verwimp!

Jorinde in action during CDN Turnhout

Last weekend was CDN Turnhout, where Jorinde rode several horses. Rose Belle did her best on level 4.3, with a score of 67.879% she came in 6th place. With Eros Krack v/h Klaverhof (by Easy Game) she scored 66.212% in this test due to some tension of the 6-year-old gelding.

Jorinde rode in the Prix with Golddream vd Kempenhoeve (by Jazz). St. Georges, with a score of 70.294%, she came in second place.

Wim Verwimp also took part in the Prix. St. Georges with Escobar (by Serano Gold) he achieved a score of 67.280%.

Successful day for Jorinde in Dentergem

CDN Dentergem took place last Sunday. Jorinde won the Prix st Georges with Karnival Zee T (by Eye Catcher) with a nice score of 69.559%. With River Rise Benneton (by Benneton Dream FRH) she achieved a score of 69.633% in the Inter 1 and ended up in 3rd place. With the gelding New Berry Z (by Negro) she scored 68.309%, placing her in 5th place.

Wim Verwimp also took part in the Prix St Georges with Escobar and achieved a score of 66.250% and finished in 4th place with this score.

Jorinde and Golddream van de Kempenhoeve win Inter 1 during CDN Dentergem

Last weekend Jorinde rode her last National dressage competition of 2021. For the Inter 1 she saddled Golddream van de Kempenhoeve (by Jazz) and Just a little bit Krack v/h Klaverhof (by Tango).

With Golddream she won the Inter 1 with 69.7%, Just a little bit Krack v/h Klaverhof followed in third place with 68.9%. For the PSG she saddled River Rise Benetton (by Bennetton Dream) with which she achieved a nice fourth place with a score of 67.1%.

Pupil Ruut Pasgang and her James finished second in the PSG with a score of 68% and in the Inter 1 she took fifth place with 66%. Kris Schepkens achieved a score of 66.2% in the same class with Rose Jolie.

Photo: River Rise Benetton
Credits: MB Paardenfotografie

Alexa Fairchild to the Tokyo Olympics 2021

After it only recently became clear that Belgium may send a dressage team to the Olympic Games, the Belgian team was announced by the KBRSF last weekend. It concerns the riders Domien Michiels, Larissa Pauluis and Laurence Roos. Wim Verwimp’s student Alexa Fairchild has qualified as first reserve with Dabanos D’O4 and will travel to Tokyo. A dream come true for the ambitious rider!

The qualification of the Belgian dressage team for the 2021 Olympic Games is a historic achievement. Because the Irish federation has decided not to send a dressage team and Luxembourg does not have enough combinations that meet the minimum scores, Belgium has been selected to send a team to Tokyo. The country had a dressage team for the last time at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928.

The Belgian Equestrian Federation (KBRSF) has appointed the riders Domien Michiels (Intermezzo van de Meerdaalhof), Larissa Pauluis (Flambeau) and Laurence Roos (Fil Rouge) to represent Belgium as a team. In 2019 Laurence Roos already obtained an individual starting place for Belgium for the Tokyo Games 2020. Alexa Fairchild (Dabanos D’O4) and Thibault Vandenberghe (Santiago Song) support the team as reserves. Thibault Vandenberghe is quarantined in Aachen as a non-travelling reserve.

Alexa Fairchild has had Wimp Verwimp and Anky van Grunsven as motivational trainers for years. With the guidance of Wim and the talent of Dabanos D’O4, she was able to prepare extremely well for the Olympic Games.

We wish the Belgian team and ofcourse our team members Alexa Fairchild and Dabanos D’O4 every success in the preparations!

Jorinde wins the PSG with Grace at CDN Weelde

Team Verwimp was present at CDN Weelde last weekend. Jorinde presented the horse Grace in the Prix St. Georges and wrote the victory to her name. Pupils Elise Verwimp and Louise Brauwers also rode neat tests and achieved good scores in the Children and Juniors. Read the results below.

Prix St. Georges

Yesterday Jorinde was at a competition with the mare Grace. She is owned by Emma Driessen, but Jorinde took the test this weekend due to the exam period of the ambitious rider. She presented Grace in the Prix St. Georges and won this class convincingly with a percentage of 70.2%.

Children & juniors

Elise Verwimp presented her horse Boemerang in the Children class. She rode two neat tests, where she unfortunately made a mistake in the trot of the first test. Her horse Boemerang jumped into gallop too early. Despite some lost points, Elise still achieved a neat percentage of 69% in the team test. In the Individual test she rode a beautiful test without mistakes, resulting in a nice score of 73%.

Pupil Louise Brauwers rode with her horse Esprit in the Juniors at CDN Weelde. The golden combination rode a good Junior team test, which was appreciated by the jury with 68%. With the achieved results, there is enough motivation for team Verwimp to prepare the horses for the next competition!

Team Verwimp present at CDN Grote Brogel

This weekend, neat scores were set by team Verwimp at CDN Grote Brogel. Where one combination went home satisfied with some room for improvement, the other combination took first place. Jorinde Verwimp as well as Ruut Pasgang and Wim Verwimp’s pupils Olga Slasheva, Chloe Morris Talbot and Eefje Appelmans showed beautiful pieces in the ring. Read the results below.

Prix St. Georges

It was busy this weekend at the Prix St. Georges. The driven Ruut Pasgang and her James Pleasure were ready to make their debut and rode with great enthusiasm a neat score of 66.03%. The combination showed beautiful pieces with some room for improvement and finished in thirteenth place. Wim Verwimp’s other students also achieved great places in the rankings.

Chloe Morris Talbot rode Hello Dolly US with a score of 66.7% and finished in eleventh place. Olga Slasheva achieved a score of 67.1% with Bacardi 141 under the saddle, which resulted in tenth place. Of course, Jorinde Verwimp also participated in the class. She put down an excellent test with the stallion Juwel Krack vh Klaverhof, who was rewarded with a score of 69.1% and a fifth place.

Intermediate I & Level 4.3

In intermediate I Jorinde took the win. She rode a steadfast test with No-Limit Cv that yielded a score of 69.6%. This resulted in a first place.

Jorinde rode this weekend together with student Eefje Appelmans in Level 4.3. She presented her gelding River Rise Benetton in the ring and achieved a score of 68.6%. The combination finished in third place. Eef Appelmans immediately succeeded Jorinde in the standings with a fourth place. She achieved a score of 68.4% with Dynamite under saddle.

Photography: Chris Coessens

Team Verwimp steadfastly in the ring during CDN Turnhout!

Last week the decision was made: dressage event CDN Turnhout could take place for professional riders. A good first step in gradually rebuilding the competition season. Team Verwimp also appeared in the ring this weekend after a long competition break. The training sessions of the past period clearly hunger for more, because Team Verwimp managed to set excellent scores during CDN Turnhout!

Prix ​​St. Georges

This weekend Jorinde Verwimp took part in the Prix St. Georges together with her KWPN mare Just A Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof and achieved a score of 69.1%. This resulted in a third place. The classification was further expanded with the ambitious combination of Annemik Vleugels and Havidoff van Moretus. Wim Verwimp’s pupil achieved a decent score of 67.28% with her gelding and finished in sixth place.

Intermediate I

Verwimp brought out Charmer and Gelinia Exequo in the Intermediaire I. Both horses made their debut this weekend and scored impressive scores of 70+% despite their inexperience! The two combinations finished in third and first place, which gives very positive prospects for the future!

Young horses

Jorinde ended the weekend very satisfied with Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof under the saddle. They made their debut in the 7-year FEI Preliminary and achieved a score of 74.7%. Pupil Ruut Pasgang represented the team together with James Pleasure and achieved a good score of 73+%. Pasgang also participated in the 5-year FEI Preliminary and set a neat test with Limit Edition Begijnhoeve. This resulted in a score of 73+%.

The talent of the future

The young pupils of Verwimp were also present in the ring this weekend. For Elise Verwimp it was an extra special dressage event. She rode her first test in the Children class together with Boemerang and achieved, despite some minor flaws, a score of 70.37%. Helena Colling appeared in the ring with Demoiselle C.L. and achieved a personal best with a score of 71+%.

Debut during Belgium Cup

Many dressage riders have been looking forward to the Belgian Cup for a while. The popular competition took place three weeks before the BC, making it a perfect benchmark for the participants. Jorinde Verwimp competed with the horses Cape Town (by Conteur) with which she won overall bronze, Gina’s Pearl and for the first time with Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof. Team members of Team Verwimp also did their best competing for the Belgian Cup.

Grand Prix

Jorinde Verwimp competed with Cape Town during the Grand Prix. With the Belgian championships ahead, this competition was a great time to pinpoint where improvements could still be made. The combination managed to perform strongly, which resulted in a bronze medal in the overall classification. Gina’s Pearl ran his first freestyle in the Inter I class. During the freestyle, Gina’s Pearl already showed many beautiful pieces. Unfortunately, some expensive mistakes crept in that had limited the score. Jorinde also appeared for the first time in the ring with the 6-year-old Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof during the 4.3 class. A successful debut that was rewarded with 68.46%.


Team members of Dressage Stable Verwimp Ruut Pasgang and Hannah Buteneers also competed for the Belgian Cup and appeared in the ring at level 4. During test 3, which was held, both combinations were able to drive fine. Ruut Pasgang released her talented James. With the only 6-year-old she managed to give a nice picture and thus score well. This gave her a total of 68%. Hannah Buteneers rode her Cabri Joli to 67.65%. Annemik Vleugels participated during the Prix St. George with Havidoff and got a score of 69.4%.

Young Riders

The younger pupils also showed their worth last weekend. Yinthe van de Ven rode two fine tests with the Young Riders with her No-Limit CV, of which the freestyle was a highlight. During her individual trial she received a score of 66.7%. During the freestyle, the combination went one step further, yielding them 69.1%.


Emma Driesen and Louise Brauwers could be seen in the ring with the Juniors. Emma Driesen appeared again in the ring with Cardento (v. Painted Black). The combination had their first international debut a few weeks ago and is increasingly starting to form a combination. During the individual trial, Emma achieved a score of 67%. During the freestyle the combination had many strong parts which resulted in a total score of 71% and a third place. Louise Brauwers also rode the Johnson gelding Esprit to a decent score of 67% during her individual test. Her freestyle was rated 68%.


In the pony class, the youngest team members, Britt van de Weyer and Anna Peeters, also managed to put their best foot forward. Where Britt was still to be found in Hungary two weeks ago to participate in the European Championship, she rode last weekend with Constantino during her individual test to 73.42%. They managed to perform even better in the freestyle and achieve a score of 75.89%. Anna Peeters produced the pony Balotelli M and achieved a score of 67.5% with her individual test.


Again a successful weekend and good preparation for the Belgian championships.

Victories for Jorinde Verwimp during CDN Dentergem

CDN Dentergem was again a success as always. Last weekend Jorinde Verwimp competed with five horses. The participated in the PSG, the Inter I and the Grand Prix. At both the PSG and Inter I Verwimp managed to leave the competition behind. The pupils of Jorinde and Wim Verwimp also participated at CDN Dentergem last weekend. Every single one of them managed to perform really well.

Minimum score difference during PSG

During the Prix St. George Jorinde competed with Gina’s Pearl and Cardento (s. Painted Black). With both horses she managed ride well scored tests that differed only 0.1% from each other with the final percentage. With the black Cardento a total of 69.1% was achieved and with that also a second place. The test with Gina’s Pearl became the winning one in the PSG with 69.2%.

Victory during the Inter I

Jorinde also took the Jazz son Golddream with her to CDN Dentergem. With him she competed during the Inter I and managed to get a first place with 71.5%. The last talent with which Jorinde appeared in the ring was Cape Town (s. Conteur). The combination appeared in the Grand Prix and achieved a score of 70.5%. Pupil of Wim Verwimp, Alexa Fairchild, also participated during the Grand Prix. With her Dabanos she also performed well with a score of 70.1%.

First international score for Matthias Dieltjens

But Alexa wasn’t the only high-scoring pupil during CDN Dentergem. After the Junior, Louise Brauwers and Maite Colling came home with great scores. Louise, pupil of Wim, rode a score of 69.7% with Esprit (by Johnson). Jorinde her pupil Maite Colling competed with Rapallo and got a great score of 66.8% for her test. In the Young Riders Matthias Dieltjens, also a pupil of Jorinde, showed an upward trend with the mare Kalahari compared to his previous test. He scored 66.4% and achieved his first international score.

Podium places at the Pony section

Team Verwimp was also present during the Pony tests. Britt van de Weyer, pupil of Wim, and Maite Colling managed to dominate the podium in the Pony class. With her pony Donaldson, Maite managed to achieve a score of 70% and finished in 3rd place. Britt also showed what she is worth with Constantino, scoring 71.4% to get first place.