Team Verwimp dominates the stage several times during CDN Dentergem

The podium was dominated during CDN Dentergem in various sections by Team Verwimp. Jorinde Verwimp competed in the 4.3, Inter I and the Grand Prix category. But not only Jorinde achieved great scores during this competition. At Verwimp in the 4.3 section, Yinthe van de Ven and Hannah Buteneers also rode along. Emma Driessen, Louise Brauwers and Maite Colling also competed successfully in the Juniors category.

Stage places during 4.3 level
The first test of Jorinde on Sunday, she rode with Cardento during the 4.3 class. The combination managed to put down a nice test that was rewarded with a score of 71.8% and a first place. The third place on the podium went to Hannah Buteneers who scored 68.2% with Cabri Jolie. Yinthe van de Ven also rode in the 4.3 section with No-limit CV. With a score of 65.3%, the combination came in fifth.

Victory in the Inter I
In addition to 4.3, Jorinde also competed in the Inter I and the Grand Prix. With Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof, Verwimp rode the Inter I which successfully resulted in a first place and 69.6%. Jorinde rode Cape Town during the Grand Prix. “It was not our best Grand Prix test ever. We had a few errors that unfortunately reduced our score, “says Jorinde about her test. Despite the errors, the total score was 65.3%.

Successful Juniors
But the 4.3 and the Inter I were not the only sections where Team Verwimp managed to appear on the podium. Emma Driessen, Maite Colling and Louise Brauwers rode with the Juniors. Louise appeared in the ring with both her horse Graaf and Esprit. With Esprit, Louise rode to third place with 68%. With Graaf Brauwers achieved not only a first place with 69.9% but also her last score to start internationally. Maite Colling achieved a score of 66.5% during the individual test, and drove to a final result of 65.5% during the team test. Emma Driessen managed to win their second selection with Grace with 68%, so that they can now start internationally.

CDI winch
Katelijne Maes was not present on the starting list of CDN Dentergem but during CDI Lier. With Ibou van de Kapelhoef, she managed to achieve a super score of 71.7% during the individual test, leaving her competition behind.

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