Belgian dressage team sets foot on Japanese soil

It’s time for some behind-the-scenes photo’s in the Olympic Village! The Belgian dressage team set foot on Japanese soil last weekend. Riders Domien Michiels, Larissa Pauluis, Laurence Roos will represent Belgium in the Olympic ring for the first time in nearly a hundred years on the 24th of July. Wim Verwimp supervises student and first reserve Alexa Fairchild.

The entire team consists of:

  • Domien Michiels with Intermezzo van het Meerdaalhof (Gribaldi x Balzflug)
  • Larissa Pauluis with Flambeau (Ampère x Zeolite)
  • Laurence Roos with Fil Rouge (Stedinger x Argentinus)
  • Reserve Alexa Fairchild with Dabanos D’O4 (Abanos x Donnerschlag)

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