Alexa Fairchild to the Tokyo Olympics 2021

After it only recently became clear that Belgium may send a dressage team to the Olympic Games, the Belgian team was announced by the KBRSF last weekend. It concerns the riders Domien Michiels, Larissa Pauluis and Laurence Roos. Wim Verwimp’s student Alexa Fairchild has qualified as first reserve with Dabanos D’O4 and will travel to Tokyo. A dream come true for the ambitious rider!

The qualification of the Belgian dressage team for the 2021 Olympic Games is a historic achievement. Because the Irish federation has decided not to send a dressage team and Luxembourg does not have enough combinations that meet the minimum scores, Belgium has been selected to send a team to Tokyo. The country had a dressage team for the last time at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928.

The Belgian Equestrian Federation (KBRSF) has appointed the riders Domien Michiels (Intermezzo van de Meerdaalhof), Larissa Pauluis (Flambeau) and Laurence Roos (Fil Rouge) to represent Belgium as a team. In 2019 Laurence Roos already obtained an individual starting place for Belgium for the Tokyo Games 2020. Alexa Fairchild (Dabanos D’O4) and Thibault Vandenberghe (Santiago Song) support the team as reserves. Thibault Vandenberghe is quarantined in Aachen as a non-travelling reserve.

Alexa Fairchild has had Wimp Verwimp and Anky van Grunsven as motivational trainers for years. With the guidance of Wim and the talent of Dabanos D’O4, she was able to prepare extremely well for the Olympic Games.

We wish the Belgian team and ofcourse our team members Alexa Fairchild and Dabanos D’O4 every success in the preparations!