International debut for Team Verwimp

Team Verwimp was at CDI St Truiden last weekend where Britt Gellens, Eline Borrey, Kris Schepkens and Maline van Tulder competed in various competitions. For Britt Gellens and Kris Schepkens, this was their international debut!

  • Together with Karnival Zee T (v. Eye Catcher), Britt Gellens made her international debut at the young riders and came 6th in the individual test with a score of 67.7%.
  • Kris Schepkens also made her international debut, riding Rose Jolie (v. Jhonson) with a score of 67.5% in the inter 1 freestyle.
  • Eline Borrey also competed in the Inter 1 freestyle and captured 2nd place! Together with Dollars (by Bordeaux) she achieved a score of 71.5%
  • Maline Van Tulder rode her pony Lex (v. Le Matcho) in the pony freestyle and achieved a score of 68.6%.

We are proud of our riders and the progress they are making and look forward to what the future will bring them