A lovely Sunday at CDN Turnhout

Not only the weather was good this weekend but the young horses also performed excellently at CDN Turnhout. With 5 horses competing in 5 different classes, it was a busy day for Jorinde Verwimp but her hard work was rewarded with great results!

  • Jorinde started Tap Dancer van het Genelaar (by Fuerst Jazz) among the 5-year-olds and scored 75.2%.
  • Among the 6-year-olds, Jorinde rode Nixon with a score of 77.4%, putting her in second place!
  • Rubis Rose (by Calibat) made his competition debut among the 7-year-olds and scored 70,2%.
  • Jorinde rode No Surrender (by Charmeur) for the first time at level 4 where they achieved a score of 70.3%
  • Damnwell (by Damsey) also made his debut in the Prix St-George where he achieved a score of 68.1%, taking third place!

Jorinde was not the only one from team Verwimp to take part in CDN Turnhout. Elise Verwimp, Aurelie Ghislain and Ruut Pasgang also competed in various classes. Elise competed in the Junior Team Test, Aurelie and Ruut rode in the Level 4.3 classification.

  • Elise scored 67.0% with Just A Little Bit Krack v/h Klaverhof (by Tango).
  • Aurelie and Dell’ Anno Ballante (by Dante Weltino) scored 66.8%.
  • And Ruut also scored 66.8% with Virano (by Vitalis).

Photo: Jorinde Verwimp with Nixon