International debut for Emma Driesen

The competition rhythm is coming back again. After several competitions Jorinde Verwimp was present with a some of the team members from Dressuurstal Verwimp to ride at CDI St. Truiden. The competition offered different classes for the participants to register for. Jorinde appeared in the ring during the Inter I with Golddream (by Jazz) and Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof (by Tango). She also competed the Grand Prix with Cape Town (by Conteur). Pupil Emma Driesen made her international debut during the competition.

Prix ​​St. George

CDI St. Truiden started for Jorinde with her participation in the Prix St. George with Golddream and Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof. With Golddream Jorinde managed to achieve a score of 69.95%. Just below, Verwimp appeared on the score list with the test she had with Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof (also called Joepy), which scored 69%. Diete Vos, in training with Wim Verwimp, also appeared in this class and got Dandy L (v. Wynton) a score of 67.79%.

Inter I

On the second day, both Jorinde Verwimp and Diete Vos, with the same horses as they had participated with in the PSG, appeared in the Inter I. Unfortunately, Diete Vos had some miscommunications so that the score stuck at 62.94%. Jorinde achieved a score of 69.9% with Golddream. Her test with Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof was scored at 68.6%. By achieving these results, both horses were selected to ride the freestyle. Due to the regulations that a freestyle can be ridden with one horse per rider, Jorinde chose to do this with Golddream. Apart from some expensive mistakes, including in the broken line, Verwimp was very pleased with the freestyle.

Grand Prix

But Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof and Golddream were not the only talents that Jorinde brought to CDI St. Truiden. The Conteur gelding Cape Town also competed these days in the Grand Prix. The first test gave a final result of 65.94%. The freestyle went without major errors and came to a final score of 70.59%. With still room for improvement, Verwimp is already looking forward to the next games.


For Emma Driesen, in training with Jorinde Verwimp, her participation in CDI St. Truiden was extra special as she was allowed to start internationally during the Juniors with Cardento (by Painted Black) for the first time. The first day the still new combination had some expensive mistakes. But the second day the feeling was a lot better and the combination had a nice test without major mistakes. With the freestyle on the last day, Emma rode another nice test and looked back at her first international show with a good feeling. Student Louise Brauwers also competed in the Juniors with the Johnson gelding Esprit. Unfortunately, Esprit suffered from a lot of tension, so the score was very depressed in the first test. During the freestyle the test went a lot better, which resulted in a final score of 66.47%.

New personal record for Jorinde Verwimp

A busy day during CDN Sint-Truiden that took place last Sunday on August 16. Jorinde Verwimp appeared in the ring with four horses. She managed to perform well in both Inter I and PSG and even achieved a personal record with Cardento (v. Painted Black). Of course, the team members of Dressuurstal Verwimp could also be found in the ring. For Kevin van Ham, CDN Sint-Truiden was extra special as he had his debut in the Grand Prix.

Personal record

With the horses Gina’s Pearl (by Jazz) and Dispar Voulgo (by Negro), Jorinde participated during the Inter I. With Gina’s Pearl, Jorinde managed to get a great score of 68.09% and a second place. After a one-year break, this was Dispar Voulgo’s second competition. The combination had a good test but unfortunately had expensive errors, which kept the score at 64.56%. Jorinde also scored well during the Prix St. George. With Cardento she even achieved a personal record of 71.91% and a second place. The test with Gelini van Kairos (by Charmeur) was rated with 68.46% and a fifth place.

Great results

The team members also managed to score well during CDN Sint-Truiden. Hannelore Volders and Diete Vos, both in training with Wim Verwimp, competed with their horses during Inter I. Diete entered the ring with her gelding Dandy L and achieved a total score of 67.43% for her test. Hannelore Volders released her Domenico and achieved 66.69%. Yinthe van de Ven, in training with Jorinde, drove her No-Limit CV in the PSG and achieved 64.41% here. Also Annemik Vleugels joined the PSG with her Havidoff van Moretus. The combination got a score of 63,68%.

Grand Prix debut

For Kevin van Ham it was an extra special competition day. He had his Grand Prix debut with his gelding Eros. Right away he managed to drive to a neat score of 63.8%. A super score for his first time Grand Prix. Ruut Pasgang, pupil of Jorinde, rode with James during the 4.3. He already showed strong parts during the test and has gained a lot of experience.


International debut during CDI Grote Brogel Belgium

The competition rhythm starts to come back for Jorinde Verwimp. Last weekend she participated with Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof (by Tango) and Golddream v / d Kempenhoeve during the international competition CDI Grote Brogel Belgium. This was the first international competition after the competition break caused by Corona. Verwimp was able to perform strongly with both horses.

Nice scores

During CDI Grote Brogel, Verwimp performed with two horses both the Prix St. George and the Inter I. Jorinde very well. In the Prix St. George and the Inter I, Golddream had a few small mistakes. Nevertheless, the PSG test got a score of 70.980% with a fourth place. The Inter I test was placed fifth with 68.677%. Also present during the Inter I was team member of Team Verwimp, Diete Vos. With her gelding Dandy L she achieved a score of 66%.

International debut

For the Tango mare, Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof, the multi-day competition was an international debut. The mare had a great debut with two good, almost faultless tests. At the Prix. St George finished the combination in third place with 71.177%. But als during the Inter I got the combination good results. The third place was achieved with exactly 70%. “I am very satisfied with both horses. It was nice to start again internationally after the lockdown ”, says a satisfied Jorinde Verwimp.

First competition for Team Verwimp after corona break  

Team Verwimp has been looking forward to last weekend for a long time. After excellent preparations, such as organizing various competition-oriented clinics, the time had finally come. The first competition after the corona break could be driven. That the preparations were not for nothing was evident from the results of the team members, including a second place in the Prix St. George for Jorinde Verwimp with Cardento and successful debuts of the pupils of Jorinde and Wim Verwimp.

Podium place for Jorinde Verwimp during PSG

Jorinde Verwimp appeared in the ring with three horses during the first competition. With the black Painted Black gelding Cardento she competed at Prix St. George level. The gelding has a lot of quality for the higher work and showed a good test last weekend, which was scored at 69.06% and a second place. In the Inter I Verwimp competed with Just a Little Bit v/h Klaverhof (s. Tango) with which she achieved 69.5% and a 5th place. With Juwel Krack v/h Klaverhof (s. Jazz) she also participated in the Inter I. The jury really appreciated the test and scored it with 66.9%, which immediately resulted in the first international score!

Alexa Fairchild takes podium place

Also present during the Inter I was a student of Wim Verwimp, Diete Vos. With her gelding Dandy L she managed to put down a strong test that was scored with 70.6% and 4th place! But Diete was not the only student of Wim who managed to score well last weekend. For example, Alexa Fairchild and Dabanos competed during the Grand Prix. With 68% she got her second international score and a 2nd place on the podium. Britt van de Weyer competed with Constantino where she got over 70% during the Pony Team Test.

Young Rider debut for Jorinde’s pupils

But not only Wim’s students managed to achieve great scores. Jorinde’s pupils were also representing Team Verwimp. Kevin van Ham got a fantastic 1st place with 67.9% during his debut in the Inter II. During the Young Riders rubric both Yinthe van de Ven and Matthias Dieltjens made their debut. Yinthe competed with her only 7-year-old No-Limit CV and got a really nice 67.6% with which she immediately received her first international score. Matthias competed with the mare Kalahari with which he showed a nice trot. Unfortunately, he had a few mistakes during the pirouettes which left the score at 64%


In short, it was almost a competition weekend as usual!

Team Verwimp dominates the stage several times during CDN Dentergem

The podium was dominated during CDN Dentergem in various sections by Team Verwimp. Jorinde Verwimp competed in the 4.3, Inter I and the Grand Prix category. But not only Jorinde achieved great scores during this competition. At Verwimp in the 4.3 section, Yinthe van de Ven and Hannah Buteneers also rode along. Emma Driessen, Louise Brauwers and Maite Colling also competed successfully in the Juniors category.

Stage places during 4.3 level
The first test of Jorinde on Sunday, she rode with Cardento during the 4.3 class. The combination managed to put down a nice test that was rewarded with a score of 71.8% and a first place. The third place on the podium went to Hannah Buteneers who scored 68.2% with Cabri Jolie. Yinthe van de Ven also rode in the 4.3 section with No-limit CV. With a score of 65.3%, the combination came in fifth.

Victory in the Inter I
In addition to 4.3, Jorinde also competed in the Inter I and the Grand Prix. With Just a Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof, Verwimp rode the Inter I which successfully resulted in a first place and 69.6%. Jorinde rode Cape Town during the Grand Prix. “It was not our best Grand Prix test ever. We had a few errors that unfortunately reduced our score, “says Jorinde about her test. Despite the errors, the total score was 65.3%.

Successful Juniors
But the 4.3 and the Inter I were not the only sections where Team Verwimp managed to appear on the podium. Emma Driessen, Maite Colling and Louise Brauwers rode with the Juniors. Louise appeared in the ring with both her horse Graaf and Esprit. With Esprit, Louise rode to third place with 68%. With Graaf Brauwers achieved not only a first place with 69.9% but also her last score to start internationally. Maite Colling achieved a score of 66.5% during the individual test, and drove to a final result of 65.5% during the team test. Emma Driessen managed to win their second selection with Grace with 68%, so that they can now start internationally.

CDI winch
Katelijne Maes was not present on the starting list of CDN Dentergem but during CDI Lier. With Ibou van de Kapelhoef, she managed to achieve a super score of 71.7% during the individual test, leaving her competition behind.

International scores during CDN Turnhout

Team Verwimp was again able to perform very well during CDN Turnhout which took place last weekend. During the event, where could be competed in different classes, Jorinde Verwimp appeared in the ring at both the Inter I and the Prix St. George. The pupils of Jorinde and Wim Verwimp also did really good at competition. For the rider Britt Gellens it was the first time after a competition break that she competed with the gelding Cardento. Despite the fact that the combination has taken a break, they managed to score well.

Debut in the Inter I
In the Inter I, Jorinde Verwimp competed with the horses Golddream and Kalahari. The Kalahari mare had an almost flawless test but still has much room for improvement in the overall picture. With a score of 66.9%, the second international score has already arrived. Golddream competed Inter I for the first time and, despite his inexperience, already showed very good parts. With a final result of 67.7%, the first international score has already been achieved immediately. Also present during the Inter I was the rider Diete Vos. With her test she achieved a score of 66%. Outside the Inter I, she also competed in the Prix St. George where she again achieved a score of 66%.

Talent for the future
Verwimp also appeared during the Prix St. George with up-and-coming talent Juwel in the ring. The combination not only achieved a score of 69.2%, but also won the first place. “This was only the second time that Juwel was ridden at Prix St. George level. The test went really well until we got a small error in the flying changes. Everything needs to be confirmed even more, but this already gives me a lot of confidence for the future. “, says Jorinde about Juwel.

Successful pupils
Junior amazons Katelijne Maes, Louise Brauwers and Britt Gellens all managed to put down a strong Junior test. Katelijne Maes took first place after achieving 72.5%. Amazone Louise Brauwers achieved her second international score with her score of 67.8%. For Britt Gellens, it was the first time after a long game break that she appeared in the ring with Cardento, owned by Verwimp. With a score of 66.1% and still plenty of room for improvement, it was a great score for now. Pony rider Britt van de Weyer also achieved her second international score last weekend, after scoring 67.16%.

Preparations for Jumping Mechelen

It was debut time again for Golddream last weekend. Jorinde Verwimp successfully competed with the 7-year-old stallion Golddream, who made his national debut in the Prix. St. George. She also successfully competed in the Inter I with Arie Sollenburg during the CDN Cheratte. Verwimp was able to perform strong tests with both horses, which earned her twice a place in the top three.

Finishing touch
With a few more weeks until Jumping Mechelen, which will take place next month, CDN Cheratte was a great competition to put the finishing touches on the “i”. With the black gelding Arie Sollenburg (by Olivi) Jorinde appeared in the ring during the Inter I. Arie passed the test clear and already showed that he is almost ready for Mechelen. The jury was able to rate the test, which resulted in a score of 71.6% and a second placement.

But Arie was not the only one Verwimp achieved a strong score with. She also finished in the top 3 with the only 7-year-old stallion Golddream. Goldy has only been in training with Jorinde for six weeks, which made this achievement extra special. Although it was his first time for Goldy in the PSG, he already showed that he has a lot of quality for the higher work in the future. Despite some small mistakes in the test, the combination was rewarded with a score of 69.7% and again a second place.

Last competition of 2019: Jumping Mechelen

It was uncertain for a moment but the year 2019 still ended with the favorite competition of Dressuurstal Verwimp. Jumping Mechelen took place from December 26 through December 30. For Jorinde Verwimp, this edition it would be the 10th time in a row that she participated in this much-loved competition in equestrian sport. Adding this competition to the list, the Verwimp team looks back on a successful 2019 where the team won several victories, had several debuts and further developed both themselves and the horses into increasingly better athletes.

Together with the gelding Arie van Sollenburg (by Olivi) Jorinde can look back to a successful competition period. With the focus on Jumping Mechelen, the preparations went smoothly both during the training sessions and at the competition and the combination was ready for the last competition of the year. Unfortunately, just before Jumping Mechelen, Arie caught a hoof ulcer that seemed to throw a spanner in the works. Fortunately, the sympathetic black gelding was fit again on time due to the right care, which allowed Jorinde to participate in Jumping Mechelen.

New freestyle
Despite the fact that Verwimp could only pick up the training again just before Jumping Mechelen, Arie was in good shape during the tests. She achieved a score of 69.3% with a fifth place during the Small Tour. During the second test, which was the freestyle, the combination achieved a super score of 74.4% and a sixth placement. Extra special about this freestyle was the fact that Jorinde could ride her brandnew freestyle for the first time. “I am super happy with how Arie behaved and continued to listen so well throughout the test. We also had a new freestyle that we drove there for the first time and I enjoyed it every second so it was a very successful race, “said Jorinde about Jumping Mechelen.

CDN Dentergem
There is no time for Jorinde to take it easy in the new year. The first competition of 2020 is planned for next Saturday. With the horses Juwel, Golddream, Eton and Kalahari she will appear in the ring during CDN Dentergem.

Grand Prix debute with Arie Sollenburg

A debut is always an exciting moment, but a Grand Prix debut is always just that little bit more special. Last weekend it was time for Arie Sollenburg to have his first official Grand Prix test. The beautiful black gelding showed a lot of potential for the Grand Prix during his training and has certainly made this true during his debut. But Jorinde Verwimp did not only competed with the Olivi gelding, she also competed the horses Golddream and Esprit in the Prix St. George and Juwel at 4.3 level.

Grand Prix debut
After an upward line in both training and competition, it was time to make the switch to the Grand Prix with Arie Sollenburg last weekend. During his debut, Arie already showed many beautiful lines. The jury also greatly appreciated the debut, which resulted in a score of 67.3%. “I am really happy with this debut. There is still a lot of improvement, but the fact that we have now been able to take this step is really great, “Jorinde Verwimp says happily about the Grand Prix debut.

Flawless test
With Esprit and Golddream, Jorinde competed the Prix St. George. With Esprit she managed a nice clear test that resulted in a score of 68.5%. Goldy also showed very nice lines during the PSG test. But unfortunately he started to gallop during the middle trot. Combined with a miscommunication in the flying chances every 3, the score was slightly depressed and the combination came to a total of 67.3%.

Strong lines
Jorinde also competed with the likeable Juwel at 4.3 level. “Juwel had super good lines in the test but unfortunately some miscommunications at some points in the canter on the last line. Unfortunately, this cost a lot of points”, Jorinde said about the test. Despite the miscommunication, the test was assessed with a score of 68%.

Victories for Ruut Pasgang

That practice makes perfect, proved again during last weekend. Edit Jorinde Verwimp as Katelijne Maes and Britt Gellens took the horses to St. Truiden for a practice match. With these practice matches, a lot of experience was gained in addition to achieving strong scores. The pupil of Jorinde Verwimp, Ruut Pasgang, rode a real competition with the young James Pleasure where she managed to perform well.

Practice competition
Joining the practice test with Jorinde was the sympathetic horse Eton. Because of the potency that he already shows in the training sessions, it was time to see how this would express itself in competitions. Verwimp brought him out for the first time in the Inter II where the combination immediately achieved a super score of 70.14%. “There were still some errors in the test, but I am very happy with him so far,” Jorinde says about the practice test.

Ruut Pasgang

Ruut Pasging, student of Jorinde Verwimp, went on a real competition with James Pleasure last weekend. She rode the first test at Level 1, which she won with 71.54%. The combination also rode a test at Level 2. Here too they managed to conquer the first place with a nice score of 70.61%.

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