Jorinde participates in CDI Compiegne May 18-22

This weekend CDI Compiegne will be organized at Hippodrome de Compiegne. Jorinde brought Ampere’s Diamond for the Small Tour. But several students from Dressuurstal Verwimp will also start this weekend, namely:

  • Aude Verheecke and Frapant, she makes her international junior debut.
  • Anna Peeters and Balotelli at the ponies.
  • Veronique Philippaerts and Golddream in the small tour.

Jorinde about her expectations of this weekend: “I expect for myself and Ampere’s Diamond to be able to continue the upward trend from the Belgian Championship 2 weeks ago. It got better every day there, so I hope to be able to continue that here.”

More information about the Dressage Internationals 2022:

The program

Startlist and results

Results Belgian Championships in Lier

Last weekend the Belgian Championship took place in Lier. For five days, the public in the Azelhof could enjoy beautiful dressage sport at the highest level. Dressage stable Verwimp was represented at the championship with Jorinde and more than 10 students. Everyone has experienced personal highlights, below is a summary of the medals.

🥇Gold Jorinde Verwimp & River Rise Benetton in the Brilliant Cup

🥈Silver Aude Verheecke & Frapant at the Juniors

🥉Bronze Anna Peeters & Balotelli 2 at the Ponies

🥉Bronze Elise Verwimp & Boomerang at the Children

View all results at the BC on the website of Belgium Dressage Events

Photo credit Digishots

Jorinde Verwimp and Charmer competed at CDI4* Hagen

Last weekend Jorinde shone with Charmer during CDI4* in Hagen. On Friday she achieved a score of 70.043% in the CDI4*Grand Prix, which also resulted in participation in the freestyle to music. In the freestyle they achieved a nice score of 73.105% with a great 12th place in a strong international field.

After Hagen there was no time to take it easy because on Sunday Jorinde Krack v/h Klaverhof started again with the 5-year-old in Turnhout. The combination achieved a beautiful score of 78.4%. Jorinde rode with Nixon for the first time with the 4-year-old and achieved a score of 74.8%. She started Newberry with the 7-year-old and scored 71.3%.

Ruut Pasgang rode her first official 4-year FEI class with Virano. She finished in 6th place with a score of 78%. With James she drove the Inter 1. With some tension errors they also achieved a sixth place with 67.5% and thus achieved their second international selection.

Photo credits: Eurodressage

Beautiful scores for team Verwimp during CDN Dentergem

Last weekend several riders who train at Dressuurstal Verwimp and Jorinde Verwimp themselves, started during CDN Dentergem. Para dressage rider Kevin Ham finished second with 68.09%. With this he earned his official approval to start at the international Grand Prix with his Eros van ons Heem. In the Inter 1 Ruud Pasgang achieved a nice second place with her James Pleasure. Yinthe van de Ven saddled her No Limit for this class, but unfortunately there were still too many mistakes in the canter and they finished in fourth place with 65.956%.

Jorinde herself started three young horses in Dentergem. With Eros Krack v/h Klaverhof she won the 5-year-olds with 78%. Mc Gregor followed for a very decent 2nd place with … %. Newberry (Negro x Weltmeyer2), bred by Dressuurstal Verwimp herself, made her debut among the 7-year-olds and came second with 74.6%. Newberry got 81% for its quality!

Below is a summary of the scores of all students of Dressuurstal Verwimp who rode during CDN Dentergem last weekend:

Ruut Pasgang with James Pleasure
2nd place in Inter 1 66.177%

Kevin van Ham with Eros van ons Heem
2nd place in the Grand Prix 68.098%

Yinthe van de Veen with No-Limit
4th place in Inter 1 65.956%

Anna Peeters with Harlekin 
2nd place Junior Team test 70,303%

Angelina Hermans
Djamila 36
2nd place Pony team tests 68.786%
3rd place Pony individual with 67.973%

4th place Pony team tests with 66.929%
1st place Pony individual with 69.325%

Level 2 debute with Mc Gregor

Last Sunday Jorinde drove her debut in Dentergem with the five-year-old MC Gregor (Ferdinand x Belisar). She started the gelding in Level 2 and got a score of 66%. Jorinde: “MC still has to be 5 years old, there is still plenty of room for improvement, but I was already very happy how he passed this test.” Mc Gregor is owned by Amane Stables and has been in Jorinde’s stables since September last year .

A number of Jorinde students also started during Dentergem, namely:

Jill Hendrix scored 65% in level 2 with Jolly
Aurelie Ghislain drove a score of 64.5% in level 4 with Wagner
Ruut Pasgang drove a score of 68.4% in the Inter 1 with James

Jorinde wins Inter 1 with Domenico during CDN Turnhout

Last weekend Jorinde was riding Domenico and Ampere’s Diamond in the Inter 1 during CDN Turnhout. She won the test with Domenico with a score of 71.1%. With Ampere’s Diamond she finished in a nice third place with 70.2%. She obtained the second international selection for both horses. With Just a Little bit Krack Jorinde came in second with 68.5% in the PSG.

The students of Verwimp also did not score very well in Turnhout. Kris Schepkens was third in the PSG with 66+%. Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen set a personal best of 69% in the Inter 1. Yinthe Van de Ven achieved a score of 66.9% in the Inter 1. All in all, a very rewarding weekend for the Amazons!

Photo: Ampere’s Diamond

Credits: MP Paardenfotografie

Jorinde and Golddream van de Kempenhoeve win Inter 1 during CDN Dentergem

Last weekend Jorinde rode her last National dressage competition of 2021. For the Inter 1 she saddled Golddream van de Kempenhoeve (by Jazz) and Just a little bit Krack v/h Klaverhof (by Tango).

With Golddream she won the Inter 1 with 69.7%, Just a little bit Krack v/h Klaverhof followed in third place with 68.9%. For the PSG she saddled River Rise Benetton (by Bennetton Dream) with which she achieved a nice fourth place with a score of 67.1%.

Pupil Ruut Pasgang and her James finished second in the PSG with a score of 68% and in the Inter 1 she took fifth place with 66%. Kris Schepkens achieved a score of 66.2% in the same class with Rose Jolie.

Photo: River Rise Benetton
Credits: MB Paardenfotografie

It was a day of just not winning!

During CDN Dentergem last weekend, Jorinde took four horses to present in the ring. As Jorinde described it was “a day of just not winning” for her, but she should certainly not be dissatisfied at all. With all four horses, Jorinde finished in the top 3 of the rankings and rode scores above 67%!

First of all, Jorinde started the horse Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof in the seven-year-old class. The jury gave her a high percentage of 75.3%.  This was good for a second prize.

Jorinde then presented her gelding Cape Town in the highest class, the Grand Prix. The combination rode a very nice test which was appreciated by the jury with 67%. This percentage was also good for a second prize.

Intermediate I & Level 4.3

After Jorinde made her Intermediaire 1 debut with Nolimit at the beginning of May, this combination has gotten quite the good feeling. Two weeks ago she already took first prize with 69.6% on CDN Grote Brogel. This weekend the jury appreciated the Intermediaire 1 test with 69.7% and a second prize. Jorinde temporarily ride Nolimit for owner Yinthe van de Ven, who unfortunately is injured after a fall.

Last but not least, Jorinde started her gelding River Rise Benetton in class 4.3. She was also able to ride a nice test with this horse. This time no second prize, but a third prize and a nice percentage of 67.7%.

Successful competition weekend for Team Verwimp

Due to the outbreak of the rhino virus, there were unfortunately no more competitions for Team Verwimp after CDN Grote Brogel. Last weekend the team was allowed to go on competition again with their horses and ponies. Emma Driesen and Louise Brauwers showed their horses in Dentergem in the Young Rides and Juniors. In the same weekend Elise Verwimp and Anna Peeters presented their ponies at the well-known competition CDI Sint-Truiden. 


In Dentergem, the Young Riders tests were ridden by Emma Driesen. She presented her horse Grace to the jury. Despite the fact that Grace suffered a bit with tension in both tests, Emma could ride her nicely. The jury judged the tests with two good scores of 67.1% and 69.3%.

In the Junior class Louise Brauwers was allowed to show the qualities of her horses Esprit and Graaf Donnerhal. With her horse Esprit, Louise finished in 2nd place in the classification with a score of 68.48%. Also 3rd place in the rankings went to Louise. This time with her horse Graaf Donnerhall. With this gelding she scored 66.81%.

CDI Sint-Truiden

During CDI Sint-Truiden, 13-year-old rider Anna Peeters made her international debut with her pony Balotelli. What an experience to participate in an international show for the first time. The combination rode a beautiful test, which resulted in an 8th place in the pony individual test with more than 68%!

12-year-old Elise Verwimp also made her international debut in the Children with her horse Boemerang. As Elise self said about her experience, “I am very happy how it turned out. I was able to ride three wonderful tests and my results were also very good for the first time. I am really very proud of  my horse Boomerang. ” This beautiful combination learned a lot this weekend and had a lot of fun. All in all, a successful weekend that we can be proud of.

Team Verwimp in full competition rythm at CDN Grote Brogel

Team Verwimp got back into the competition rythm at CDN Grote Brogel this weekend. Jorinde as well as her students Ruut Pasgang, Emma Driesen and Yinthe van de Ven were present in the ring and Wim’s student Alexa Fairchild also took part in the Grand Prix this weekend. Despite some healthy tension due to the competition break among the driven combinations ended the weekend satisfied with the ridden tests.

Grand Prix

Last Sunday the Grand Prix was ridden by Jorinde Verwimp and Alexa Fairchild. Dressage rider Alexa performed with her two horses Romy and Dabanos D’o4 several steady tests during CDN Grote Brogel and finished fourth (69.4%) and fifth (69.1%) in the rankings. Jorinde Verwimp followed them up with Cape Town at a sixth place and a score of 67.5%.

Intermediate I & Level 4

Jorinde together with Just A Little Bit Krack v / h Klaverhof and Golddream Vd Kempenhoeve set neat tests in the Intermediaire I, which were rewarded with a fifth (67.6%) and a sixth place (67.2%) by the jury. In Level 4 Jorinde and River Rise Benneton achieved a score of 68.9% and finished at a successful third place.

FEI 7-Year Preliminary

Despite some healthy tension, Ruut Pasgang and her James Pleasure rode in the 7-year-old preliminary to a score of 72.3%. With a small jury difference, the combination ended in an excellent second place.

Young Riders

Emma Driesen and Gelinia van Kairos made their debut in the Young Riders class and had a competition day with a number of sporting depths and highlights. Unfortunately, the team test led to a greeting. However, the individual test got rewarded with a score of 68% with room for improvement. Yinthe van de Ven saw this weekend as a good exercise for the trot and pirouettes with No-limit CV. The combination achieved a score of 67.2% in the team test and 63.7% in the individual test. All in all, the weekend ended succesfully.