A personal best at CDI Deauville

CDI Deauville was a success for Jorinde. Jorinde started in the Grandprix together with Chamer, on 22 July she became 4th with 69.913% out of a field of 22. The next day the freestyle was on the schedule where Chamer ran to a new personal best of 74.090% with which she achieved a 2nd place.

Successful weekend CDI Meerle 7 – 9 July

Last weekend Jorinde could be found at CDI Meerle. In addition to Jorinde, a student from Dressuurstal Verwimp was also present. This weekend Anna Peterson started with her pony Balotelli and her horse Harkelin.

July 7 Jorinde won a 3rd and 4th prize in the Prix St-Georges. Jorinde was 3rd with Ampere’s Diamond with 70.539%. The 4th prize went to Golddream vd Kempenhoeve with 69.363%.

Anna started with Balotelli in the team test at the ponies. She achieved a score of 67.476%. With her horse Harlekin she won the team test at the Juniors with 69.596%

Friday, July 8, the Inter 1 was on the program for Jorinde. Golddream vd Kempenhoeve ran to 68.039%. Jorinde scored 66.960% with Ampere’s Diamond. Anna and Harlekin became 2nd in the individual test with 67.647%. With Balotelli she scored 68.198% in the individual ponies test

On July 9 Jorinde rode the Inter 1 Freestyle with Ampere’s Diamond, scoring 71.110%. Anna also rode the Freestyle on Saturday. With Balotelli she achieved 72.950% in the ponies and with Harlekin she achieved a 1st place in the Juniors with 72.925%

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Another win for Jorinde!

Last weekend Jorinde won the Saint Georges class at CDN Flémalle. Together with Golddream van de Kempenhoeve she achieved 71.323%.

CDI Meerle will be on the program next weekend!

Jorinde in the prizes on CDN Weelde 25-26 June

Last weekend Jorinde brought along the 4-year-old horse, Virano, from Ruut Pasgang because Ruut is on her honeymoon. Jorinde won the 4-year class together with Virano with 82,600%. In the 5-year-old she became 2nd with Eros Krack v\h Klaverhof with 82,600%. She won a 3rd prize in the class for 7-year-olds with New berry Z with 74.650%, and 81% for quality!

Besides the young horses Jorinde also competed in the Inter 1. In this section she also took home the 1st and 2nd prize. He became 1st with Ampere’s Diamond v\h Klaverhof with 69.412%. The 2nd prize went to River Rise Benetton with 68.677%

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Results CDI Hagen

Last weekend Jorinde and Charmer started in the always beautiful CDI Hagen. In the Grand Prix they achieved 69.6%. During the Grand Prix Special they unfortunately had an expensive error in the first extended trot which resulted in a 69.3% score.

Charmer is now getting a few weeks from competition. The next competition where this duo will shine again is CDI Deauville, which will be held from 21 to 24 July.

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New addition to Dressage Stable Verwimp

While Jorinde and some of the pupils of Dressuurstal Verwimp went to CDI Hagen (14-19 June), a foal was born at home.

A handsome black stallion named Within Temptation v/d Wimpelhoeve a Glamourdale x indoctro. Glamourdale produces well-developed, long-lined foals with a good walk, appealing trot and powerful canter. Indoctro is a spring bred stallion who belongs to the top of the breeding stallions. He is described as an honest and reliable stallion who is very willing to work.


Results CDI Exloo

Last weekend Jorinde and a number of her students traveled to the Netherlands. This weekend was all about CDI Exloo.

Jorinde started there with Eros Krack v\h Klaverhof in the 5-year-old class. In these tests his two scores of 77,800%. and 75,800%. With Charmer she achieved a score of 68.978%. Jorinde wrote on her instagram: “Charmer was a bit over excited during today’s freestyle. He showed alot of good parts but some very costly mistakes.
It’s a learning process and i’m so happy with the feeling he gives me at some parts”


– Elise Verwimp and Boomerang started this weekend in the Children. In the Hooge prize she rode to 71.411%, in the team test she scored 70.425% and she finished with 68.736% in the individual test.

– Aude Verheecke rode this weekend in the junior class with Frapant. In the team test she scored 66.869%, individually she scored 66.569%.

– Angelina Hermans appeared in the ring with two ponies this weekend. With Valerion she started this weekend with 67.952% in the team test, in the individual test she scored 67.297% and finished with 67,000% in the freestyle. With Macho she scored 65.572% in the team test.

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On the way to CDI Exloo June 2-5

This weekend CDI Exloo is on the program for Jorinde and two of her horses. She will start with Eros Krack v/h Klaverhof in the 5-year-old. Charmer will appear in the ring with Jorinde at the Grand Prix.


In addition to Jorinde, three students from Dressuurstal Verwimp will also be at the start. The following combinations will start:

– Elise Verwimp and Boomerang in the Children.

– Aude Verheecke and Frapant in the Juniors.

– Angelina Hermans with Valerion and Macho at the ponies.


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1st place for Jorinde Verwimp during CDN St. Truiden

Jorinde started last weekend in the Inter I with two horses. After last weekend’s disappointing result, she drove this weekend with Ampere’s Diamond to 71.692% and he showed his best side. She received the first prize. After this good test Jorinde saddled River Rise Benetton and with that she scored 69.632%, which was good for a 5th place in the same class.

Ruut Pasgang also started in the Inter I together with James Pleasure. This test resulted in a personal best for Ruut. She was able to place herself behind Jorinde with 70.000% in second place.

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Results CDI Compiegne

Jorinde started this weekend in the Small Tour with Ampere’s Diamond where she scored 66+% in both classes. Jorinde wrote on her instagram: ‘We know we can do better, we keep the good parts in mind and work on the mistakes’

Three students from Dressuurstal Verwimp also started this weekend:

– Aude Verheecke and Frapant made their international junior debut this weekend. In the team test she scored 66.616%, individually 67.794% and finished the weekend with a score of 68.805% in the freestyle.

– Anna Peeters and Balotelli also started an upward trend in the ponies. In the team test she achieved a score of 67.143%, individually 68.513%, and finished with a score of 69,930% in the freestyle.

– Veronique Philippaerts and Golddream also appeared in the ring at the Small Tour. In the PSG she achieved a score of 63.265%. In Inter I she went the extra mile and achieved a score of 66.373%

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