Three podium places in Turnhout!

Maline van Tulder came first at the Pony individual yesterday! Together with Lex, they achieved a score of 70%.

Kris Schepkens came 3rd with Rose Jolie during the PSG with a score of 69,7%!

It was also an exciting day for Jorinde Verwimp, she rode with Vicomte de Reyves his Inter 1 debut and with success! They narrowly missed out on first place, but a score of 69.4% and a second place is definitely something to be proud of for an Inter 1 debut!

Photo: Maline van Tulder and Lex

Limited Edition had his PSG debut last weekend!

Ruut Pasgang is enjoying her maternity leave and so Jorinde Verwimp got to ride her dressage talent Limited Edition in Zandhoven yesterday. For the 7-year-old this was his first PSG test and together they achieved 3rd place with 67.6%!

With Charmer, Jorinde competed in the Grand Prix. Unfortunately, they had an expensive mistake in the canter pirouette which dropped their score to 69,1%. However, this was still enough for a great 2nd place!

3 times success for dressage stable Verwimp!

Last weekend we were present in Dentergem. Emma Driesen achieved the first place in the Inter 1 with Gelinia Van Kairos with 68.7%. Jorinde Verwimp competed with Karnival in the PSG and came second with 68.7%!

Yesterday Jorinde and Tap Dancer competed in the Corsendonk Dressage Cup 2023 for 4-year-olds. Out of 34 starters they finished in 10th place with 75,5%.

A first place and debut!

Last Sunday, Eline Borrey de Coninck and Dollars took first place with 70.8% in the Inter 1. Veronique Philippaerts-Engelen also rode with Golddream Vd Kempenhoeve and achieved 4th place with 67.5%.

Maline van Tulder rode her debut in the Junior Individuelle together with Emmerson and finished 6th with 65,2%. Elise Verwimp competed Boemerang and came 4th with 65,8%.

Jorinde Verwimp and No Surrender walked away with the win in Kortemark!

Last weekend the Young Dressage Talents took place at stables de Ark in Kortemark. Jorinde rode with No Surrender the individual class for the 5-year-olds. With 79.5% she got the highest score and with that the first place!

In the class for the 4-year-olds Jorinde rode Tap Dancer Van het Genelaar. Together they achieved a nice score of 75,5% and this was rewarded with 4th place!

We are again very proud of the results achieved by these young horses!

ChatGPT Jorinde and Charmer score 70% in the Grand Prix Freestyle at Indoor Friesland

This past weekend marked the second edition of the renewed Indoor Friesland. The first weekend was all about dressage. Jorinde and Charmer (Charmeur x Quattro B) traveled to the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden to participate in the Grand Prix 3*. On Saturday, they achieved a commendable fifth place in the Grand Prix Freestyle with a score of 70.685%.

On Friday, Jorinde and Charmer competed in the Grand Prix, securing a respectable ninth place with a score of 67.826%. On Saturday, they took part in the Freestyle, where during the routine, a waiter accidentally dropped a tray, briefly distracting Charmer. Unfortunately for us! Nevertheless, we still achieved a very respectable fifth place with a score of 70.685%.

Great success at the Cup of Belgium in Gesves!

Jorinde Verwimp and Virano finished first in the final with 82.4%! In the overall ranking for the 5-year-olds, this put her in 2nd place.

A special achievement considering Ruut Pasgang always rides Virano, but she is enjoying her well-deserved maternity leave!

Jorinde also rode Nixon in the final of the Cup of Belgium. Together they came 4th in the final ranking with 78%!

3 in a row for dressage stable Verwimp in the 5-year-olds at CDN 135 Dentergem!

Ruut Pasgang was riding Virano with a score of 79.5% and took 4th place.
Wim Verwimp was riding Sensation van de Wimpelhoeve and scored 78,1% and came 5th.
Finally Jorinde Verwimp was riding Nixon with 77,6% and came 6th.

This was also Ruut’s last competition before she goes on maternity leave. We wish Ruut a wonderful period.

Emma Driesen also had a special day! She rode her Inter. 1 debut! She and Gelinia van Kairos achieved 5th place with 67.9%. An achievement to be proud of!

Great success at the cup of Belgium for Dressuurstal Verwimp!

Jorinde Verwimp won the small tour with Golddream Vd Kempenhoeve and came 2nd in the big tour with Charmer!
She also reached 4th place 3 times: with Rose Belle during the level 4 cup, with Forest Hill during the level 5 cup and with River Rise Benetton during the Medium Tour Cup.

  • Ruut Pasgang came 5th with Limited Edition Begijnhoeve during the level 4 cup.
  • Elise Verwimp came 4th with Just a little bit krack v/h Klaverhof in the final ranking juniors.
  • Kris Schepkens came 6th with Rose Jolie in Inter .1.
  • Britt Gelens came 6th with Karnival Zee T in the Young Riders division.

We would like to congratulate everyone with their amazing results!

Success for Jorinde Verwimp at the CDN 133 Melsele!

Together with Golddream Vd Kempenhoeve, she took first place in the Intermédiaire I with 71.7%!

Forest Hill ran his competition debut in the Prix St-Georges and narrowly missed out on victory due to a fault in the trot appuyement! Nevertheless, he achieved a wonderful 4th place with 68.3%! A debut to be proud of!