Team Verwimp shines during CDN Dentergem!

Last Sunday Jorinde started with No Surrender (Charmeur X Rousseau) in the 5-year-olds FEI Preliminary, she achieved a score of 81% and came in 3rd place. Wim Verwimp took part with Sensation Van De Wimpelhoeve (by For Romance), with a beautiful score of 82.4% he took 1st place. Ruut Pasgang, a student of Jorinde, took part with Virano (v. Vitalis) and became 2nd with a score of 82%. Great to see that “Team Verwimp” has taken over the entire top 3.

Jorinde rode Eros Krack v/h Klaverhof (by Easy Game) in the 6-year-olds FEI Preliminary, although they had a good start, their score dropped to 76.4% due to a mistake in the canter.

Jorinde in action during CDN Turnhout

Last weekend was CDN Turnhout, where Jorinde rode several horses. Rose Belle did her best on level 4.3, with a score of 67.879% she came in 6th place. With Eros Krack v/h Klaverhof (by Easy Game) she scored 66.212% in this test due to some tension of the 6-year-old gelding.

Jorinde rode in the Prix with Golddream vd Kempenhoeve (by Jazz). St. Georges, with a score of 70.294%, she came in second place.

Wim Verwimp also took part in the Prix. St. Georges with Escobar (by Serano Gold) he achieved a score of 67.280%.

Personal record for Jorinde and Charmer during The Dutch Masters

The Dutch Masters, Indoorbrabant Horse Show, ‘s-Hertogenbosch took place from 9 to 12 March. Jorinde has participated in several competitions at this international top sport event with her two horses Charmer (by Chameur) and New Berry Z (by Negro). With Charmer (by Charmeur) she scored 69.413% in the Grand Prix. Jorinde and Charmer (by Charmeur) also rode in the Grand Prix Freestyle CDI3*, with a nice round she achieved a personal record of 75.145% and came in 6th place.

Jorinde took part in the CDI1* Prix St. Georges and the Intermediaire I CDI1* with New Berry Z (by Negro). A good first experience at a major event for the 8-year-old gelding, with the additional comments from the jury, there is certainly a lot of potential for New Berry Z.

A great week for Jorinde at CDI Lier!

CDI Lier took place from February 28 to March 5, organized by the team of Belgium Dressage Event including Wim Verwimp. Jorinde took part in the Intermediate I Freestyle to Music with Golddream v/d Kempenhoeve (by Jazz) and achieved a score of 73.600%, placing her in third place

With River Rise Benneton (by Benneton Dream FRH) she achieved a score of 68.912% in the Prix. St. Georges and 67.059% in the Inter 1.

Big adventure for Jorinde and Charmer in Doha!

The Al Shaqab Standard Show, Doha took place from February 24 to 26. Last week, Jorinde went to Qatar with her team and Charmer (v. Charmeur) for the CDI* 5 dressage. At the beginning of the week there was the vet check and runway recon. In the Grand Prix she achieved a score of 66.456%, on Sunday she was able to close the week super despite the tension with a score of 74.090% and came in 10th place.

First place for Jorinde and her team during Flanders Horse Expo Ghent!

Flanders Horse Expo, Ghent, took place from 10 to 12 February. On February 11, Jorinde participated in the FHE Team Challenge Dressage together with Anna Peeters and Maline Van Tulder. Under the team’s name “The Golden Girls” she took first place with a great performance of 222.601 points.

Jorinde also rode a freestyle with the stallion Golddream v/d Kempenhoeve (Jazz x Quarterback) and achieved a score of 76.1%.

Successful day for Jorinde in Dentergem

CDN Dentergem took place last Sunday. Jorinde won the Prix st Georges with Karnival Zee T (by Eye Catcher) with a nice score of 69.559%. With River Rise Benneton (by Benneton Dream FRH) she achieved a score of 69.633% in the Inter 1 and ended up in 3rd place. With the gelding New Berry Z (by Negro) she scored 68.309%, placing her in 5th place.

Wim Verwimp also took part in the Prix St Georges with Escobar and achieved a score of 66.250% and finished in 4th place with this score.

Charmer CDIW Basel 2023

Jorinde and Charmer in action during World Cup competition in Basel

CDIW Basel, Switzerland took place from 12 to 15 January. Jorinde rode Charmer in the Grand Prix with a score of 69.109%. In the freestyle they achieved a score of 73.510%, including a 7.3 for her pirouette.
Jorinde about CDIW Basel: “Basel is a great match. It is an exciting arena for Charmer, at the moment he is one of the youngest horses in the field of participants, but he is getting more and more confidence in those big exciting arenas. That gives me a very positive feeling for the future!”

11th time Jumping Mechelen for Jorinde Verwimp

As a nice end to the year, Jumping Mechelen is traditionally organized from 26 to 30 December. Also this year Jorinde started during this beautiful World Cup competition. She rode Charmer in the GP and Goldy vd Kempenhoeve in the Prix St George and she participated in the show class: Masked Riders.

With Charmer she scored 67.043% in the Grand Prix. On Thursday they rode Grand Prix Freestyle to Music and obtained a score of 73.170% after a small misunderstanding with the jury.

With Golddream vd Kempenhoeve she rode the Prix St George to a score of 67.853%. On Thursday she rode the Intermediair Freestyle to Music and achieved a nice score of 73.055%, placing her in third place.

Jorinde’s student Ruut Pasgang started with her 8-year-old James Pleasure in the Prix St Georges and achieved 64.853%. In the Freestyle to Music the duo scored 66.705%. This was James’ first big competition so he was still a little impressed with his surroundings.

Successful weekend for Jorinde during CDN Turnhout

 CDN Turnhout took place last weekend. Jorinde had a very creditable weekend where she was on the podium several times. She took first place with Golddream v/d Kempenhoeve with a score of 72.5% in the Intermediaire 1, with River Rise Benetton she scored 67.5% in this test. With Ampere s Diamond v/h Klaverhof she came first with a score of 72.059% in the Prix St Georges. And finally she started with Rose Belle in Level 4.3 and got a 2nd place with 70%.

Photo: Les Garennes