It was a week with a lot of different emotions. For example, it was announced at the start of the week that Jorinde Verwimp’s top horse, Kastar Hof Ter Zeedycke D’12 (by Gameboy D’10), has been sold. But with a new personal record with Dispar Voulgo (by Negro) and the debut of River Rise Benetton (by Benetton Dream) in level 3, the week ended nicely. Student Diete Vos rode for the first time in the Inter I.

Personal record
Last weekend Jorinde was competing with Dispar Voulgo. The combination participated in the Prix St. George. The impressive gelding was doing his best during the test. The jury was very pleased with the combination, so they finished as result in second place with a personal record of 70.6%.

Competition debut

Jorinde her training horse River Rise Benetton, aka Benny, also participated in a competition last weekend where he had his debut at level 3. Benny is training in preparation for the competitive sport with Jorinde. With an equal score of 68.3% and with that a victory, the expectation is that Benny will be a great future prospect. “It was a great day!”, Jorinde said.

Diete Vos
Student of Wim Verwimp, Diete Vos, also had a debut last weekend. With her gelding Dandy she competed in the Prix St. George and also for the first time in the Inter I. During the Prix St. George test the combination achieved a score of 69.6% and a third place. The Inter I debut was good for a score of 68.97% and a super second place. Diete was very happy with the results.