Verwimp uses the lockdown period to her advantage

Now that there are temporarily no competitions taking place, training can feel a bit pointless. Rider Jorinde Verwimp proves the opposite! She is currently training her horses just as hard as before and uses the lockdown period to her advantage. After all, as a combination you never stop learning and “the sky is the limit”! What goals does she have for next season? Read more!

Training for the Medium Tour

The training of a talented horse to the top seems very hard and Jorinde Verwimp knows better than anyone what it looks like. She sees great potential in her three horses Charmer, Cardento and Just a little bit Krack v / h Klaverhof. Now that she has a little more time on her hands, she devotes her full attention to them and learning them new exercises for the highest level.

Her horse Cardento, for example, has a lot of talent for the piaffe and passage and Just a little bit Krack also seems to have talent for the Grand Prix as a mare. In addition to these talents, Verwimp is currently also training her KWPN gelding Charmer towards the Medium Tour. Her goal is to shine with these three horses in the Grand Prix ring!

Naturally, the training also requires some variety with fun activities such as jumping, beautiful outdoor rides, etc. Especially at the first, Verwimp’s horse Charmer turns out to be a natural!

Next season

Since the Corona virus is still hanging around, Jorinde has also started working with her younger horses. She has set a clear schedule to hopefully reach a next level next season. “Hard training pays off and there are fun and exciting prospects. So we are certainly not sitting still during the lockdown!”; says Verwimp.