Which horses is Jorinde training at the moment?

After a period of fanatic training during the lockdown, Jorinde was finally able to compete with her horses again in January and February. Unfortunately, all competitions have been canceled due to the rhino virus, but luckily Jorinde has enough horses to ride! Which horses is Jorinde actually training at the moment? And what are the expectations of these horses? In this article we introduce the horses.

Grand Prix
We start with the 14 year old gelding Cape Town (Conteur x Calambo). Cape Town is currently Jorinde’s only Grand Prix horse. She hopes to be able to ride a couple of international competitions with Cape Town this year. This allows the combination to get even more experience in the tests. Jorinde’s ultimate goal with Cape Town is to be able to ride a World Cup one day!

Cape Town’s successor could be the 9-year-old gelding Charmer (Charmeur x Quatro B)! Jorinde competes in the Small Tour with Charmer and this beautiful combination is training for the Grand Prix. Jorinde has high expectations of Charmer. It’s her goal to start with him in the Grand Prix this year.

The horse who Jorinde also is preparing for the Grand Prix  is the 12-year-old mare Just a little bit Krack van het Klaverhof (Tango x Krack C). At the moment she is competing international in the Small Tour. She is a talented mare with a lot of talent for the higher niveaus.

Small Tour
Besides Just a little bit Krack van het Klaverhof, Jorinde also rides the 9 year old stallion Juwel krack van het Klaverhof (Jazz x royal diamond). Jorinde hopes to make his international debut in the Small Tour this year.

Jorinde also rides the 7-year-old gelding Amperes Diamond van het Klaverhof (Ampere x Royal Diamond) from the same Klaverhof breeding farm. Jorinde is currently starting him in the FEI 7-year-old, but she wants to compete in the Prix St Georges soon.

As you can read, Jorinde trains various talented horses from different customers next to her own horses. For example, Jorinde has the 9 year old Golddream v/d Kempenhoeve (Jazz x Quarterback) to ride. This horse is owned by Veronique Philippaerts. Veronique will soon compete with Golddream by herself. At the moment Jorinde is riding him international in the Small Tour and they are training for the Medium Tour.

Level 4
The 10 year old River Rise Benetton (Benetton Dream x Rossini) is owned by the Korean rider Sung Yu Park. He will compete River Rise Benetton soon by himself. Jorinde is currently starting the horse in level 4 and hopes to make the switch to the Prix St Georges soon.

Who hopefully will also be started in level 4 this year is Newberry Z (Negro x Weltmeyer). This 6 year old gelding is extra special for Familie Verwimp. They have bred Newberry Z themselves, trained themselves and they are very curious what the future will bring!

The 7 year old Jack (Bojengel x May sherif) is currently being trained towards level 4. This gelding has no competition experience yet. Jorinde thinks it is important that she takes enough time to prepare the horse at home first. Hopefully she will be able to take him to a competition soon.

Young talent
Last but not least, Jorinde trains the 4 year old Eros Krack van het Klaverhof (by Easy Game). This is a very big boy, so they take it easy in training. Jorinde thinks it’s very important that large horses have enough time to grow. She has a very good feeling about Eros and really think that he is a big talent for the future!

In addition, she currently also has the 5-year-old Q Charniro van het Westhof in her stable. The young talented gelding from Verwimp will most likely be brought out in dressage in the future.

Enough horses to manage, to train and prepare for the higher level. Jorinde hopes that she will be able to present her horses in the ring soon. Of course health and safety are the most important, so she still has to be patient. In any case, Jorinde will not get bored with all these talented horses!