Debut during Belgium Cup

Many dressage riders have been looking forward to the Belgian Cup for a while. The popular competition took place three weeks before the BC, making it a perfect benchmark for the participants. Jorinde Verwimp competed with the horses Cape Town (by Conteur) with which she won overall bronze, Gina’s Pearl and for the first time with Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof. Team members of Team Verwimp also did their best competing for the Belgian Cup.

Grand Prix

Jorinde Verwimp competed with Cape Town during the Grand Prix. With the Belgian championships ahead, this competition was a great time to pinpoint where improvements could still be made. The combination managed to perform strongly, which resulted in a bronze medal in the overall classification. Gina’s Pearl ran his first freestyle in the Inter I class. During the freestyle, Gina’s Pearl already showed many beautiful pieces. Unfortunately, some expensive mistakes crept in that had limited the score. Jorinde also appeared for the first time in the ring with the 6-year-old Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof during the 4.3 class. A successful debut that was rewarded with 68.46%.


Team members of Dressage Stable Verwimp Ruut Pasgang and Hannah Buteneers also competed for the Belgian Cup and appeared in the ring at level 4. During test 3, which was held, both combinations were able to drive fine. Ruut Pasgang released her talented James. With the only 6-year-old she managed to give a nice picture and thus score well. This gave her a total of 68%. Hannah Buteneers rode her Cabri Joli to 67.65%. Annemik Vleugels participated during the Prix St. George with Havidoff and got a score of 69.4%.

Young Riders

The younger pupils also showed their worth last weekend. Yinthe van de Ven rode two fine tests with the Young Riders with her No-Limit CV, of which the freestyle was a highlight. During her individual trial she received a score of 66.7%. During the freestyle, the combination went one step further, yielding them 69.1%.


Emma Driesen and Louise Brauwers could be seen in the ring with the Juniors. Emma Driesen appeared again in the ring with Cardento (v. Painted Black). The combination had their first international debut a few weeks ago and is increasingly starting to form a combination. During the individual trial, Emma achieved a score of 67%. During the freestyle the combination had many strong parts which resulted in a total score of 71% and a third place. Louise Brauwers also rode the Johnson gelding Esprit to a decent score of 67% during her individual test. Her freestyle was rated 68%.


In the pony class, the youngest team members, Britt van de Weyer and Anna Peeters, also managed to put their best foot forward. Where Britt was still to be found in Hungary two weeks ago to participate in the European Championship, she rode last weekend with Constantino during her individual test to 73.42%. They managed to perform even better in the freestyle and achieve a score of 75.89%. Anna Peeters produced the pony Balotelli M and achieved a score of 67.5% with her individual test.


Again a successful weekend and good preparation for the Belgian championships.