Preparations for the BK

Just a few more days and then it is finally time for the Belgian championships. The last few weeks, the Dressuurstal Verwimp team members have consistently trained for the five-day competition at the Azelhof. The Belgian Cup, which took place in mid-September, was a great benchmark moment for the team members who are in top form for their participation in the championships. Jorinde Verwimp will ride with five horses in four different classes.

Grand Prix

During the Grand Prix two riders from Team Verwimp appear in the ring. Jorine Verwimp is participating in this class with her talented gelding Cape Town (by Conteur). During the Belgian Cup, this combination showed that they are in shape for the championships after winning bronze. Kevin van Ham with Eros and Alexa Fairchild with Dabanos will also participate in the same class.

Five horses for Jorinde at the BC

Jorinde rides with two horses in the Small Tour. She will compete in the class with the two Jazz offspring Golddream and Gina’s Pearl. Hannelore Volders is also going in this class with her horse Domenico. At Level 4, Jorinde rides with Ampere’s Diamond v / h Klaverhof. Jorinde has only been a combination for a relatively short time, but is looking forward to starting him at the championships. Ruut Pasgang also competes in the section with the talented James Pleasure. Level 5 is also well attended by Team Verwimp. Jorinde brings out Charmer (by Charmeur). Annemik Vleugels appears in the ring with Havidoff and Isaline feyaerts with Ebony.

Young team members

The younger members of Team Verwimp will also show what they are worth during the championships. During the Juniors Emma Driessen with Cardento (by Painted Black) and Louise Brauwers with Esprit (by Johnson) appear in the ring. In the Young Riders Yinthe van de Ven ride with No-Limit CV and Matthias Dieltjens with Kalahari. But also in the Pony class is well represented by the team. Britt van de Weyer rides here with Constantino. Britt appeared at the European Championship in Hungary for a few weeks, where the combination managed to achieve good scores. Anna Peeters rides with Balotelli and Contador.